Red alert 3 announced
Started by: Spygon on 14.02.08 @ 4:23 PM
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Posted by Spygon, 16:23 14.02.08
Ea have just announced that Command and conquer red alert 3 will be released soon Eek Grin also that you will be able to play a beta test if you purchase kains wrath Grin. Red alert 3 will include a 3rd side The Empire of the Rising Sun that has risen in the East for all details go to

Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 20:11 14.02.08
great. I look forward to this release. Now featuring ching-chong China men and japs. and I thought the Allies couldn't screw things up anymore than they had to. I really like the Soviet screenshot, looks greatGrin
Posted by ScorchEMD, 20:23 14.02.08
Well, (pardon my english please) ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!Angry
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 12:42 15.02.08
well, so far, with the provided screen shots, I look forward to using new weapons of war, such as the what I call 'Tesla Vessel' (the boat with the tesla cannons) as well as a few old favourites like the Apocalypse Tank and Kirov airships. The allied ships also look spank and i still ponder how good they are. entire off-shore bases, a new faction, and a great pic of the Kremlin defences. I wonder if they are going to introduce turrets built into walls... like in Dune 2000...
Posted by Spygon, 20:21 15.02.08
The pic of the kremlin defenses is amazing and so are the new appocs dont know about the "tesla vessels" yet also the allied tanks look good just hope we get some more screen shots so we can have a proper look at the new armies.
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 09:50 17.02.08
I had a look at the back story of the game and, in my opinion, the main game storyline is going to revolve around the Soviet Union, rather than the Allies. Because it was the Soviets who traveled back in time to save their country, succeeded but messed up by bringing Japan to power again.
Posted by bigguy563, 02:42 18.02.08
Wow, I remember when RA3 was announced the first time. What was it, two years ago?
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 04:51 18.02.08

Originally posted by bigguy563...
Wow, I remember when RA3 was announced the first time. What was it, two years ago?

yea, come to think of it. but at the time it wasn't official.
Posted by Spygon, 14:39 18.02.08
yeh i remeber when the whole forum was over run by RA3 hype two years ago when this forum was packed at the same time EA got rid of the westwood name.Also i guess the soviets mucking up time hasnt just made japan rise into a super power i wounder what else has happened.Wow its like talking about a whole new universe but we know major parts of it wierd Tongue lol.
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 20:26 18.02.08
a world even the Admin wouldn't understand...
Posted by ScorchEMD, 22:52 18.02.08
Japan...A super power...I highly doubt that Spygon.
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 04:47 19.02.08
well.... thats what they are in the game now, havoc. Japan are symbolized by the Rising Sun, therefore, it must be them. And also Rob would have to change the header again, this time to add RA3 Cool
Posted by ScorchEMD, 12:27 19.02.08
Well, I see where you are coming from there, Tsunami BUT Japan has not even been in the Red Alert series except for the Final Alert map editor as a faction.
Posted by Spygon, 19:38 19.02.08
yeh but the japanese flag represents the rising sun and as the 3rd side is called the empire of the rising sun so it looks like the japanese are the new guys on the block that will be intresting i assume there be like china in generals but alot more high tech
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 20:05 19.02.08
Just like RE5 gives you a legit reason to shoot black people, RA3 gives you a legit reason to blow up asians.
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