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matsmiffIconHelp please?14:25 11.06.07 

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Can someone help me with how to no-cd crack my ra2?

I have the crack from mega games but there are no instructions. I seem to remember I have to take the mix files from the cd???

To try and cut a long story short, my dvd has died on my laptop and my external drive seems to not be able to handle games, probably coz its through my usb.
I had the crack before but due to norton being crap I've had to have my laptop wiped after a trojan invasion + ST r playing the EA line and delete my requests for help!!! assholes!Roll-Eyes

lukapoleanIcon...06:57 13.06.07 

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well, you could just got o google and search for another no-cd crack, there should be lots, or just go to and download frostwire(p2p program) and download ra2 from the programs section...most of them have a ne cd crack with them...

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