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SlavesIconbroken CD15:10 02.02.07 

 Reps: 12

#1393, 1 Posts

hi all,

i just put my RA2 soviet cd in my drive and while the "load mission" came up my disk broke in my drive Unhappy now can buy a new cd in 2 weeks but can't stop playing RA2 for 2 whole weeks. now i don't know if it's illigal to request here beccouse i coan't find a Faq or something so pleas don't blame me if i post wrong.

i'm seaching for a No-cd crack patch

please can someone help me.

P.S. don't wan't to break my alied CD already got too many cracks.
lukapoleanIcon...04:19 03.02.07 

 Reps: 129

#1222, 112 Posts

If you have Frostwire or Limewire, then you can search for a no-cd patch in the programs section..there might be viruses though (I dont know if it is legal or not, though, its p2p)
xs0ldierIcon...19:52 14.02.07 

 Reps: 11

#1382, 1 Posts


Originally posted by Slaves...
i'm seaching for a No-cd crack patch
please can someone help me.
SymbologyIcon...02:42 21.02.07 

 Reps: 37

#1387, 27 Posts

interesting i never heard of a cd patch i wonder if they work if not there is nothing you can really do except to download the game but i don't condone cheating myself Confused
ScorchEMDIcon...01:57 15.11.07 

-EMD- Delta Squad

 Reps: 179

#1674, 160 Posts

12:25 16.11.07 - Edited

Neither have I. Must be a new thing on the market.

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