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Apocalypse_TankIconWho plays Dawn Of War?00:16 10.12.06 

Chaplain of CNC

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#359, 219 Posts

this thread is about warhammer 40k Dawn of war, winter assault and dark crusade.
feel free to post what you want, when you want and any useful tips, including some from me Happy
PaulIcon...20:37 10.12.06 

( . Y . )

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#2, 317 Posts

Got it free, bundled with Company of Heroes, but haven't even installed it yet.
SpygonIcon...22:52 10.12.06 

Defence Specialist

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#1127, 404 Posts

working in a game shop i have seen it alot i used to like normal warhammer 40k so was thinking of buying it is it any good?
SymbologyIcon...03:07 28.02.07 

 Reps: 37

#1387, 27 Posts

i want to try it played the table top miniatures but haven't played dawn of war i heard it was good thoughGrin
Apocalypse_TankIconminatures11:23 24.05.07 

Chaplain of CNC

 Reps: 254

#359, 219 Posts

Although i based this thread on the PC game, feel free to talk about table-top, after all, i collect a Tau Empire army
Apocalypse_TankIcon...11:31 24.05.07 

Chaplain of CNC

 Reps: 254

#359, 219 Posts

Develop your base, send 1 stealth team to find the enemy base (they will die). Build the following: 1x Devilfish Troop Carrier 3x XV88 Broadside Battlesuits. after you have found the enemy base, make an army of whatever you want, send it to the enemy base, while they are distracted, send your XV88's into your devilfish and send the devilfish filled with XV88's into the heart of the enemy base. Deploy your Xv88's, Entrench them and let 'em rip.

The infiltrated Skull Probe and a whole army ready to deep-strike is your best friend. send distraction forces comprised of: Predators, Land Speeders, Scout Marines, Grey Knights with attached Chaplain, Assault Marines. Send your probe into their base, send distraction force, =-Deep-Srikemania-=
eromtapIcon...21:29 12.11.07 

 Reps: 16

#1685, 5 Posts

down with the tau up with the imperial guard lol
i collect catachan jungle fighters wit a mechanised arm (tanks in other words)
dawn of war is a gd game necrons are der best tho on der game
Agent7249Icon...07:10 11.01.08 

 Reps: 18

#57, 7 Posts

Another expansion heading its way for this game, tis a good series Happy

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