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WaraddictIconZero AMP Issues10:35 14.10.06 

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Hi, been very busy over the last while, so I haven't been making the usual check on these forums.

I understand a lot are having issues, just for the sake of covering the usual ones, try the following...

If the ZAMP launcher won't work at all...

- Installing .Net V1.1 (Later versions might work, but if you still have issues with the launcher you might want to consider installing this version)

Problems when using ZAMP

- Make sure you run the updater before using it.

- Do not close the launcher after WB loads up, close it after you finish the map and close the WB, the way ZAMP works is that it loads a temporary mod which allows you to use the map.ini specified objects in WB, this mod is NOT to be activated during gameplay and closing the launcher prematurely would do this.

- Other mods may well cause conflict, of those who still can't figure out the problem, please tell me whether you have a mod installed or not.

- Incidentally, I will run over the map.ini, it may have some odd bugs.

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