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AzraelIconMGT zhStats released!14:30 22.07.06 

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MGT zhStats is a free Stats System that tracks and records player statistics for CnC:Generals Zero Hour.

The Program consists of 2 Items:
The first item is a set of PHP Scripts that webmasters can upload to their website to display player statistics on there web site.

The Second Item is the "Uploader" which server hosts run while hosting a game. At the end of each map, the uploader gathers all the data and sends it to the PHP scripts to be parsed and inserted into a MYSQL database.

webmasters can create numerous servers for the purpose of displaying stats specificly for each server and set "Server ID" code, so only people they allow can upload the stats to their website.

I won't go into detail of what sort of stats can viewed and bore you with a very long post, but you can see the demo version at the following link:

Details and download links are available at the following links:

PHP Scripts -

Uploader -

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