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ripailaIconwhat are u doing this summer?12:39 17.07.06 

 Reps: 103

#499, 78 Posts

I was wondering what c&c players do in the summer..except playing..are u going on vacations, trips...stuff...Grin
ctrlstopIcon...13:14 20.07.06 

 Reps: 61

#708, 50 Posts

drying out its far to warm here
TriariiIcon...15:40 21.07.06 

 Reps: 111

#98, 95 Posts

Working mainly, i'll take as many hours as i can get, need the money. I can't survive on 303 a month Eek Apart from that i have re-discovered my gaming roots.
RobIcon...09:58 22.07.06 


Reps: 1598

#1, 928 Posts

Gym, web design, gf.

No cricket, injured Angry
ripailaIcon...16:37 22.07.06 

 Reps: 103

#499, 78 Posts

Never played cricket.....not very popular around it fun?Grin
c4p5l0ckIcon...17:35 14.03.07 

 Reps: 11

#1442, 1 Posts

17:36 14.03.07 - Edited

I`m planning 2 go 2 Spain this summer with my Girlfriend this year...
At the end of this year i`m gonna stay in Japan for like 3 months (maybe 4) 2 visit my grandparents Happy and while i`m in Japan, i`m gonna try to get some tickets for the: K-1 WORLD GP 2007 FINAL ..which is gonna be held somewhere in December...

SymbologyIcon...02:30 14.04.07 

 Reps: 37

#1387, 27 Posts

nothing much hanging around the house mostly playing video games going to work the usual stuff
SpygonIcon...13:45 14.04.07 

Defence Specialist

 Reps: 478

#1127, 404 Posts

yeh same here i havent got much planned for the summer this year Eek
CabalIcon...21:11 21.05.07 

 Reps: 54

#553, 41 Posts

I shall be playing World of Warcraft like a whore this summer.

Followed by more WoW, followed by more WoW, maybe something to eat, more WoW and erm more WoW untill my eyes start to sting, then i'll consider resting for a couple hours.

>>WoW addict
SpygonIcon...21:21 21.05.07 

Defence Specialist

 Reps: 478

#1127, 404 Posts

so i guess your playing wow then lol

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