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Lava2007IconRed Alert 220:11 19.06.06 

 Reps: 99

#1028, 62 Posts

Can anyone help me i seem to have and internal error or so says my game i get to the loading screen and it forever to load and then it says that ra2 had an internal error anyone know how to fix this.

By the way it happens 99% of the time.
bigguy563Icon...20:21 19.06.06 

reputed member

Reps: 924

#34, 545 Posts

I ocassionally get internal errors, but not very often. It may be a problem with some game file.
xcore42Icon...17:28 23.07.06 

 Reps: 23

#1111, 2 Posts

i get it often on big long games like the grand hell map, 4 way n every1s got 1000s of units movin around, i think it might be ur system requirements tht cant take something mayb
CombatmanIcon...23:08 19.08.06 

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 Reps: 19

#1178, 9 Posts

Try to instal the game again, try to clean you're cd disc, try again!
lukapoleanIcon...06:53 26.10.06 

 Reps: 129

#1222, 112 Posts

Just install the game again...It works for me...or just buy first decade(it only costs like 20-30 dollars on ebay)...
SymbologyIcon...02:46 28.02.07 

 Reps: 37

#1387, 27 Posts

i agree with lukapolean go buy the first decade its got every c&c game up to generals but i wouldn't buy it on ebay though thats just me i would buy it at eb games
DoctorspoofIcon...16:56 04.06.07 

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 Reps: 21

#1555, 10 Posts

i get internal error message sometimes when i'm playing online with friends, normally when we're having big huge battles involving millions of rocketeers and flak etc. (good times =P), i think it's sorta like 'lagging out', thats how we (my friends and i) describe it, cos when one person experiences it, the rest get sent to the disconnected screen and the countdown ticks away. Unfortunatly it's impossible to re-connect cos the actual game has closed =(
Anyway, to help, try using smaller maps, impose unit limiations or try ending some background processes on your pc (ctrl+alt+del, processes, xp users should only have around 5 running, unless theirs important background tasks fir that specific pc), i had like a bazillion processes running and i kept getting that message. When i closed some i had my first huge battle for ages ^^
Dunno if this'll help for your problem though, worth a try.
P.S. if you don't know what a process is doing, either google it or leave it

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