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jacko3334Iconhave fun15:30 26.02.06 

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15:53 15.10.06 - Edited

PaulIcon...17:40 26.02.06 

( . Y . )

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If I get deleted I'll beast your ass.

Games are relatively cathartic for me. If I get too involved I know I'm playing too much and should probably be doing something else. My playing will go down over the next few weeks and months as I want to get a slightly higher average, but I won't quit.
thecommanderIcon...17:56 26.02.06 

NS creator

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good bye jacko3334
RobIcon...00:44 27.02.06 


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Have a great time at uni.

I'm sure you'll be back (and start playing again) at some point in the future. We all have certain periods where we discover new things and new people, but some parts of us will always remain.

To some extent, I think your habit of staying up extremely late to play the game makes your situation more dire than that of others (although I remember doing something very similar 5 or 6 years ago, when I was too busy chatting to all my american RA2 friends to appreciate what timezone I was in).

In the meantime, take it easy mate.
JimIcon...10:51 27.02.06 

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The healthiest thing you could possibly have done. I salute you.
ChrisIcon...12:56 27.02.06 

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How ironic, I decided to do a very similar thing. I've uninstalled the internet components and had my parents take the CDs 'til I'm through with my finals. I did that 2 hours before Jack posted this. This means I won't be playing RA2 online for at least the next three months. When I play RA2, it's online. All I can do now is skirmishes or campaign (boring). I just left it on my computer not wanting to reinstall the damn thing all over again.

I'm going to focus on school results right now, see if I can get that 80+/100 for mathematics. It'll be a good start for when I'm going to uni, as -for now- I plan to study advanced mathematics. When I have graduated I'm likely to play RA2 again 'til I too start uni. I'll probably head the same way Jack went. I'll keep posting occasionally, but not half as much as I used to. This is a temporary 'Cya' for me I guess, 'til I pass. Once my vacation is over, it's a permanent 'Cya' for me too.
Lt_MykIcon...16:22 10.05.06 


Please replace avatar!
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Good 4 UGrin Grin
Gen_LodishIcon...22:14 15.05.06 


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Originally posted by jacko3334...
I'm not going to be playing ra2 anymore, or any games for that matter. Anyway, I just realised that what follows is of pretty much no significance to any of you, except probably one or two who'll understand bits of it. Writing it was mostly done for my own benefit.

Starting uni tomorrow gives me a good chance to finally leave that part of my life behind, and even though it was fun, I'd have to say good riddance to it. I've probably just decided to do this based on the people I've met in the last year, and the impact they've had on my life. One in particular will ensure I can't have anymore 4am ra2 playing sessions by occassionally inviting me out at 8.30am and similarly early times.

Previously, when I was seriously addicted to playing back in 2001-2004 or so, I'd actively refuse to accept my friends' invitations to go out somewhere so that I could continue to relish my anti-social lifestyle. Now after experiencing what I have since August last year I've come to realise that I seriously love my friends and that if I want to derive full enjoyment out of seeing them I can't be playing games at 3am. Whereas I used to miss playing ra2 when I was away, I now actually miss a close friend despite just having seen her 8 hours ago after spending the entire weekend with her walking around the city, going to playgrounds, bush dancing, watching dvd's and cleaning both her room and mine.

I suppose I've learnt to value my closeness to other people in friendships more than finding a few hours of cheap amusement which comes at the expense of so many other things. I'd rather keep hugging and playing footsies with a male friend than get excited about ra2 ladders or anything, and I'd prefer talking and holding hands with my new (met at start of holidays) close female friend even more. I was paranoid of expressing emotion for about 4 years from 2001-mid 2005 and never ever cried, not even at the funeral of my best friend and I now look back on and tend to despise who I was at that time. Now I actually have opened myself up, especially when I saw that after only 2-3 months of knowing this girl, she kept a diary from her trip to europe and addressed it to me for me to read when she returned. I read it at her house a couple of days ago. It had her innermost thoughts and feelings in it, as well as stuff she had learnt, and it was so touching to receive it and to know that someone actually considered me so close a friend.

It's a good time to quit playing now, because with uni starting there are so many opportunities. I want to keep a H1 average, which I know I'm capable of, but which I wouldn't achieve if I only had 4 hours sleep a night. I also can't play at 4am now because I need to be awake and active for ballroom dancing lessons, something I'd never have even considered while I was still engrossed in playing games and my anti-social lifestyle. I also want to be able to speak french fluently by the end of the year, so I'll need to actually be awake during my tutorials. Incidentally, pretty much all the people in my french class I remember from seeing in the high achievers list for vce french, but I guess that's good seeing as I'm competitive and their presence will make me work harder.

It's likely that I could play some ra2, but in a sense deciding not to play it anymore is more of a symbolic thing than a pragmatic one. I'll still post here from time to time as well as on strike-team, but I'll delete the remainder of my ra2 related msn contacts, except two or three who have actually shown that they are genuine people.

well, that's long, and I think I posted it only as part of a cathartic process than any real desire to make you cognisant of my reasons for not playing anymore. have fun doing whatever.

I'm reading Heart of Darkness for the 6th time or so, so I'll write out the end of it: "The offing was barred by a black bank of clouds, and the tranquil waterway leading to the uttermost ends of the earth flowed sombre under an overcast sky-seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness. "

It's considered one of the best sentences in literature, and was effectively what Fitzgerald based the conclusion of 'The Great Gatsby on'. I also like the tentative links I can draw between Conrad, Fitzgerald and Keats. Despite representing different eras and writing styles, the essences are similar. Hmm... I must really be looking forward to studying lit again.

I'm going to start a josef teodor konrad korzeniowski appreciation society. Currently there seem to be only 3 founding members, but more will be found I guess.

Well, this forum is so dead anyway that chances are that no one will read this, and also that no one will ever reply. I'd quote from Catullus 101, but that is much too cliched. Instead I'll just think about purple bins and how to best teach french to my tutee.

Good on you mate
Gen_LodishIcon...22:15 15.05.06 


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Originally posted by Jim...
The healthiest thing you could possibly have done. I salute you.

I Salute you, for saluting him.Grin
erikmcfarIcon...23:29 27.05.06 

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Dont worry once you graduate and join real life you'll be rejoining the video game community to keep your sanity

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