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xiao1236Iconenvironmental protection10:59 19.06.17 

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Because the concept of green and environmental protection is not very clear, people have different cognitive level of green and environmental protection.Therefore, the building materials producers, operators and consumers have caused great confusion, thus affecting the promotion of green environmental protection decoration.
So how to define the green decoration, how can we know that our living environment belongs to "green"?In fact, at least for our current consumption level, the green decoration may not be a reality.Experts believe that the so-called green decoration, mainly refers to the decoration materials and appropriate decoration of the products to achieve green environmental protection, the human body is harmless to the requirements.
But for the current market situation, consumers want to be in the decoration of all materials to reach green environmental standards, almost impossible.With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the "green products"are particularly popular.
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