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fifacoinkopenIconReal Madrid superstar Book No. 10! It will belong to him if J Rodríguez leave the team08:39 21.04.17 

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Spain "Marca" thinks that after give wonderful performances in the Bayern Munich game, Arsene is entitled to wear the number 10 shirt in real madrid. In the first round of the game, he contributed an assist, and in the second round of the game, he also contributed a goal, which makes him the team beat the German giants.

In football games, there is no more symbolic number than number 10. More than half a century ago, Bailey in Brazil will become a legend of this number, with the passage of time, 10 has become synonymous with the best players.
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But to the guy has won a lot of trophies for Real Madrid, this number has become a heavy burden. In the recent 10 years, a lot of talented players put on the Real Madrid Jersey No. 10 but failed to meet expectations. Seedorf, Robinho, Mesut Ozil, Schneider, J Luo can not become a veritable number of masters, only to wear this number reached the height of the.
J Rodríguez is likely to leave Real Madrid this summer and if he leaves, the number 10 shirt will be vacated. Asensio, a highly qualified player in the fans, is expected to wear the number 10 shirt next season. Asensio is only 21 years old this year, if there are some fans before he has questioned, then in the game against Bayern, this question has been eliminated. In the face of pressure, he did not flinch, but the outbreak of his own energy.
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The first round of Bayern's second half, he changed the game to play, he assists C Ronaldo scored the second goal. The second round of the game, he came in and lead the team organization, so that the other side of the world first-class defense impossible to guard against Asensio has also helped the team, the score was 4 to 2. Asensio has scored 9 goals this season, and don't forget that he is one of the least real players on the pitch.
Asensio only spent 3 million 500 thousand euros in Real Madrid, which used to tear ruthless Checkbook Real Madrid is rare, but Asensio than 80 million euro J Rodríguez more successful, which also proved a truth, that is in football, sometimes the most important is not money, but a vision.

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