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WaraddictIconGentlemen Start your Updaters! V1.0201:58 09.12.05 

 Reps: 253

#8, 84 Posts

Version 1.02 of Zero AMP assets is here...

Assets V1.02

Fixes submitted by BlckWyerve & Sc4Freak

- Enabled Leopard Tank with switchable track/hover mode.
- Enabled Predator Tank.
- Enabled 3 Beta US Buildings.
- Enabled Beta US Wall.
- Enabled a few more Civilian buildings.

Fixes by Zero AMP Team

- Removed startup error with the GLA POW.
- Few odd fixes to the GLA POW (now has machine gun) and China POW.
- Added ZAMP_TechBoobyTrapOilDerrick which blows up on capture.
- Added ZAMP_TechRandomBoobyTrapOilDerrick which randomises between the normal Oil Derrick
and the added boobytrap version on map load.
- Added oversized Evergreen tree (ZAMP_ChristmasTree),
use MISC_MAN_MADE objects to decorate such as BlinkingLightRED and BlinkingLightBLUE.

Happy Christmas Map Making!!!

I have to inform users who update though, that there is a small overlooked problem with Zero AMP when it comes to already made maps and updates, for now you have to open previous Zero AMP maps and 'save as', this will force Zero AMP to place the latest map.ini copy into the new folder, alternatively copy the 00zeroamp2.amp file into your map folder and rename it to map.ini. This error will be fixed in the next Application update (not asset update, the updater only takes care of the asset updates).

Also, for those who have had errors, may I suggest to delete your two amp files in your ZH dir and download the two attached ones here into your ZH dir. If that does not work come back to me, I've a few other tricks up my sleeve.
00zeroamp2.amp (178kb, 595 downloads)
DerekIcon...03:19 09.12.05 

 Reps: 22

#574, 11 Posts

Well for one thing your second attatchment didn't work right, its blank. Tongue
WaraddictIcon...13:20 09.12.05 

 Reps: 253

#8, 84 Posts

Damn, must have been too big...

I could e-mail it to anyone who needs it though.
RobIcon...13:33 09.12.05 


Reps: 1598

#1, 928 Posts

What size was it? I think the limit is 3mb. You should have received an error if it was over that.

Perhaps it just didn't upload correctly.
WaraddictIcon...13:39 09.12.05 

 Reps: 253

#8, 84 Posts

18MB, I spent 45 mins last night waiting for it to upload.... Tongue

Don't bother stretching the limit, there's no way I'll upload it again... Grin

But anyone that still has issues with Zero AMP, post your e-mail, and I'll send the files.
Mighty_BOBIcon...17:02 09.12.05 

 Reps: 20

#588, 8 Posts

18:47 09.12.05 - Edited

MightyBob [at} douglassks {dot] net

[edit] The weird thing is it worked fine on the 6th but today it stopped working. Updating didn't work, neither did un-installing, re-installing, & then updating again. [edit]
Splat_the_noob_mappeIcon...13:24 28.12.05 

 Reps: 13

#621, 2 Posts

New bug it would appear !
Hmm just tried ur new editor...
seems my overlords drop like mines eekk!
I made a mission map and i didnt want an overlord that drops mines.
so basic question how could i stop this event from occuring ?

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