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jacko3334IconJack's Quickmatch Log06:46 06.11.05 

 Reps: 509

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06:52 06.11.05 - Edited

Nickname Superflux
Previous Top 100 with about 800pts

Sunday 6 November

Don't really know why I've been playing with an exam tomorrow, but anyway.

superflux vs jozha Iraq 08:59 DC Uprising (loss by disconnect)
I was winning pretty convincingly as he was trapped in the bottom right corner of the map, whereas I had the entire middle and was outproducing him from 3 war factories. All of a sudden my ra2 stops working, and so I was given a loss.

superflux vs w4pt Cuba 5:40 Cold War Win
Very easy game. I have no idea how this guy got upto almost 500pts. I end up with about 3 war factories, and had already stretched to the middle whereas he hadn't even taken all his derricks at the lower right corner. He calls me a hack and quits.

superflux vs votepedro America 4:46 Pinch Point Loss
I don't know why, but I didn't seem to take this game very seriously. Moved to middle on Pinch Point right away, screwed up where I put my buildings so I couldn't seem to put my ref on the cliff, and just basically got raped. I'd like to play this guy again though, it wasn't really the kind of loss after which you say "wow, that guy was better than me!"

superflux vs fun2behad America 6:36 Paris Revisited Win
Not much to say, he masses rocketeers and gets obliterated by flak. Pretty clear maphack, but I wasn't running XGS.

superflux vs Rustik Iraq Isle of War (game hasn't shown up) Loss
For some reason this game hasn't shown up on the records, I'll give him free win if he asks as he's a pretty good friend of mine. For some reason, this guy uses his self-made matching filter to cancel games on DC Uprising and Snow Valley, but doesn't cancel on this ridiculous map. I get my mcv droned as it moves to the rest of the ore because I didn't see the drone, and so attack quickly with tanks+dogs and destroy all his tanks+buildings. He naval stretches, and as I don't have a mcv or radar, I can't reach it. I let him have win, even though he didn't really deserve it.

superflux vs Rustik Iraq Montana Dmz 6:13 Win
I rematch him on Montana. Decided to do some droning of my own and got 2 of his miners with them. He uses para against my base, and while he's watching that I quickly swamp his tanks with my own tanks and dogs. Pretty easy win.

superflux vs Ausiejord Iraq Golden State Freeway 3:01 Win
I've known Jordan for ages, and he's a pretty good Australian player. At one stage, perhaps in 2001/2002 he topped the ladder with about 1250points. Anyway, I start bottom left, build ref off the derrick immediately above and war off the one across from his derrick+gems. I garrison the buildings in between our derricks and put my tanks there to protect vs drones. He drones my miner while I kill his gradually with my first 3 tanks while trying to prevent him touching my own tanks. I quickly outtank him and win.

28 Superflux 23 wins/4 losses 521

Hope you appreciate the shameless copying of Rob's format Tongue
RobIcon...09:27 06.11.05 


Reps: 1598

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Quality log mate, good read Happy

I've struggled against Jordan whenever I've played him Unhappy
laney_isIcon...10:06 06.11.05 

 Reps: 28

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10:07 06.11.05 - Edited

Nice read.

I have known VotePedro for a while and I think Walter is an underrated player. I would like to run XGS on Fun2behad Happy
jacko3334Icon...12:00 06.11.05 

 Reps: 509

#51, 281 Posts

12:01 06.11.05 - Edited


superflux vs try2touch Iraq Isle of War 5:59 loss
I've probably said before that I detest this map, this game just made me more sure of it. I try to attack early but he has desos across the bridge and sentry at the other entrance. I know he's going for dread so I make a soviet flak boat thing to shoot his missiles down while I make lab. Problem is, my boat is stuck and won't move, so I quickly lose naval yard and any hope of winning. If I had managed to kill his dread, the game would probably have gone for 21 days, so I'm rather lucky I lost that quick.

superflux vs haszeg Britain Cold War 13:12 Win
Pretty easy game. Made tanks+deso flaks from heaps of war factories and eventually just pushed through his tanks and mirages.

superflux vs love4ber America Snow Valley 6:08 Win
I make 2 miners from war and drone one of his tanks so he can't get much of an advantage. For some reason he doesn't make afc until late, and makes no rocketeers at all which results in an easy win for me.

superflux vs legndarmx Iraq Pinch Point 6:33 Win
I got the right side of Pinch Point so I didn't really have to be overly proactive. I saw him preparing to engi rush with a flak, so ate his first engi, then droned the flak. He moved to the lower bit for extra ore, so I followed him there with my tanks but didn't have enough of an advantage yet, so I moved my mcv to the gems on the lower side. With that extra money I could go 3 wars and outtank him. He put up a good fight considering his map disadvantage.

24 superflux 26 wins / 5 losses 549 Points
jacko3334Icon...15:27 10.11.05 

 Reps: 509

#51, 281 Posts

15:30 10.11.05 - Edited

I'm sure my loyal fams are probably wondering why I haven't updated this for awhile, well, I've decided to play as allies because being Iraq game after game doesn't do it for me anymore. That, and my dad got on my nick and decided to lose on it, again and again.

I've come to the conclusion that playing as allies is much, much more enjoyable than being soviet. Allies vs Allies is just iraq vs iraq x 100 in terms of enjoyment levels, which you'll probably find out if you play vs some top allied players. You can't just take a little nap like i'm accustomed to doing during sov vs sov games. I actually went to the toilet during a game vs a decent iraqi player, came back, found he was still camping with desos, and eventually won.

Anyway, I started an allied nick 'ephemeral'. I'll skip the dud games, which mostly involve me making 25 chrono legionaires and jumping around randomly with them until my opponent realises he's lost.

ephemeral vs cards0wnu America Depth Charge 1:53 win
I get to the middle with my transport about 20 secs before him, so he basically decides to go to my base instead. Problem is, by this stage I have about 5 rocketeers which mean his engi attempt is very, very short lived.

ephemeral vs itsn0tme America Alaskan Oil Spill 7:34 Win
Like Rob, I actively detest this map, even as allies. Anyway, he opts to engineer assault my main island instead of getting derricks, while I go island hopping with my transport and engies getting as many as I can. His plan turns out to be very ill advised, as my rocketeers very easily shoot down his helicopter with the engies in it. From then on he's basically stuffed, but hangs on until I'm basically hitting him with ~10 carriers.

ephemeral vs akmaulman America DC Uprising 4:44 Win
What is it with people in this point range and using engineers? I start in the bottom right corner, and so realise I have to make my war factory off the outpost to put pressure on him. He comes to engi my main base with a helicopter for some reason, actually gets my ref and barracks I had there, but not the cy. Slightly annoyed by this, I ask him what the hell he was thinking and send in my 10 tanks which easily defeat his 231 pillboxes.

ephemeral vs jbjl America Depth Charge 15:29 Win
I'll admit I was slightly cruel to this guy, but it was quite fun. I get the middle with barely a challenge, and then proceed to tech and make dolphine all over the place and send mcvs to the 2 large unoccupied islands. Basically, I have about $40000 and can win whenever I want. However, I let him kill all my dolphins and give him naval control, say "oh no i'm screwed a few times" until he was feeling pretty sure of himself. Then I put up 25 naval yards in a corner, make heaps of dolphins, regain sea control, and kill his base with 24 or so harriers Tongue

ephemeral vs tau America Depth Charge 3:23 Loss
My ra2 just stopped about 2 mins in, which disced me. I doubt I had a chance anyway, as it seemed his rocketeers would kill my transport before it reached the derricks.

ephemeral vs tau America Snow Valley 6:58 Win
This is where it starts getting good. Tau, aka babak is a very, very good Australian allied player. I've played him before in the past and won about 1 out of every 10 games, so needless to say I wasn't feeling all that confident going against something of an allied vs allied master. I manage to scout his war factory despite his anti scout attempts, and watching him create miners I make 3 of my own from the factory. Knowing he can't really push early, I quickly expand to the left of my starting point( top right), and again to the starting point adjacent to mine. As soon as we both start making tanks+rockies and using paras, I start getting really, really dizzy because we're both attacking EVERYWHERE. He catches some of my tanks with rockies which can't move because they're stuck by the bug on this map which prevents tanks moving around the mid cliff properly, so I'm a bit behind in tank numbers. My first para against his war fac+afc fails totally, and I squish his easily with a couple of tanks. I manage to pick off his ifvs with my tanks, and so send my rockies over to his tanks to do some damage. Making use of this advantage, I paradrop at his expansion (below the mid plateau thing) and send all my tanks there. Eventually I come out on top because of air superiority and he quits. This was probably one of the best games i've ever played, because I actually felt I used allies properly and needed to focus on the game every second.

ephemeral vs tau Allies Paris Revisited 7:50 Loss
I start bottom left so assume the derrick near the eiffel tower thing is mine, however what I don't realise is that he started right next to it, which isn't all that common. Being a nice guy though, he doesn't challenge my engi going to the lower far right derrick instead. I again start getting dizzy as rocketeers and paras start flying around, but I push early with some tanks and take out a miner without him really able to prevent it. I try to take it a bit further, but utterly and totally screw up in that narrow stretch of gems near the tower thing. Anyway, my tanks get obliterated, but i still hang on for awhile because i have more rockies, but ultimately I can't make up the difference in tanks.

115 ephemeral 16 wins / 2 losses 508 Points
I urge you all to start playing as america or korea or something, especially rob who'd be able to employ his somewhat predictable rocketeer rush each and every game! Turn off easy mode and play like real men.

Comedy option
For those who've read this far, i'll quickly recount my iraq vs allies game against veg aka islapiraq (rank3 with 29-2)
I think it'll suffice to say I got "SMASHT" in every sense of the word. It's not fun to see an allied player making tanks from 4 war facs while you've still got 1 and are struggling to expand against endless rocketeer attacks and paradrops mixed with tank splits. I think saying he won by about 40-50 tanks will convey the proper impression.
RobIcon...16:54 10.11.05 


Reps: 1598

#1, 928 Posts

Quality updates mate. Loved the jlbl game! Cool
PaulIcon...21:50 10.11.05 

( . Y . )

 Reps: 465

#2, 317 Posts

I do play as Korea.

Must get round to starting my log at some point...
jacko3334Icon...16:37 16.11.05 

 Reps: 509

#51, 281 Posts

Continuing with the allied experiment-

ephemeral vs nycteriax America 3:52 The Alamo Loss
I usually have good allied vs allied games with this guy, but this time I was top on Alamo and didn't get derrick, so he ended up with gems+2 derricks. There was no way I could even hope to match him in production, and this was shown as he doubled my tanks in a 3 min game.

ephemeral vs g0th1c4 America 12:36 Alaskan Oil Spill Win
The fact that I have no recollection whatsoever of this game suggests one of two things.
a) I was totally stupefied and dazed due to playing at 3am after having spent 10 hours revising for exams during the day or
b) My dad played it, which would surprise me as he's really, really bad and I doubt he'd have beaten this guy.
It looks like a pretty good game from the stats though, I had 4 units left only, but I presume I won with rockies anyway.

ephemeral vs xxloopyxx Iraq 5:57 The Alamo Win
I started bottom, which gave me the advantage of the gems in the middle. Coupled with my getting control of the derrick there was nothing he could do. He fought on bravely, but quickly realised the futility of the situation.

ephemeral vs xxloopyxx Iraq 9:08 Heartland Win
This game allowed this guy to show off his real skill, which was pretty decent actually. Although I think I outplayed him by quite a lot, I couldn't break through because it seemed 1 of his tanks was worth 3 of mine, so I don't think I've adapted to using the allied plastic tanks very well.

ephemeral vs eurotule America 3:41 Urban Rush Loss
This guy wasn't very good. I make miner from war factory and easily beat off his attack. He seems to be defending as much as possible, which surprises me until I realise he's killed my ref with a para. I didn't notice it for about a minute, which made me realise playing at 2am without coffee is not a good idea.

ephemeral vs n0va America 4:53 Isle of War Win
Just went through the motions, anti scouted, attacked with paras+rockies, won. He messed up pretty badly trying to split his tanks but only succeeding in sending them 1 by 1 into mine.

ephemeral vs six Iraq 10:36 Montana DMZ Win
Always fun giving someone their first loss. I don't really know what he was trying to do. He had the right side, and so the airport which made me think he'd attack quickly with paras+tanks. However he lets me get the upper hand and I use it to split tanks between his airport+refs and miners there and his main base. He doesn't cope with this very well which allows me to take out his cy and many miners without a lot of resistance. He gets an iron curtain up, and I think i've killed enough of his power for it not to work but it does. Doesn't save him though Tongue

40 ephemeral 38 wins / 13 losses 729 Points

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