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CarolynPSturtzIconAlbion Online Very simple Rendering Notion -- Joint Wield Offhand07:15 05.07.16 

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Precisely what: Brand new Offhand products such as shield/book/torch merely these are offhand axe/sword/mace versions of which add's a double wield harm cartoon. Do remember you will find more cheap albion online gold in this web page!

Precisely why:

-- Because it would appear stunning for many who would like some sort of double wield dream aside from daggers/claws
- It can be another origin to help generate income from from launch using skins (people may wish to twice in place or perhaps include diverse shopping system permutations intended for skins etc)

Just how:

: Maintain the very same model's as the 1h variants hence zero new art work is needed
: Maintain the electricity cit scaling just like shield/book/torch
-- Keep your similar 2h version unaggressive procs and put these kind of inside for the reason that bonus intended for having which weapon offhanded

IE Creating a blade mainhand in addition to away from side dual wield a strong axe to get that passive +10% automotive episode harm or even your treat proc prospect.

You'll find naturally a large number of selections for passives/procs, these are just the best I will visualize which might be witout a doubt inside the experience performing along with would certainly necessitate absolutely no actual while that will implement/try released

Points of which might need to always be made:

: A new dual wield automotive attack action cartoon for axe/sword/mace, when simply just allowing that dagger/claw animations won't produce feel nudists all those marker sorts and merely dogging your own 1h system minus the offhand can be excellent dull to watch.
-- Rule extra therefore the game recognizes whenever it really is offhanded to make the particular passive 2h benefit
: Flavor text message additional suggesting what exactly could happen in the event that it turned out slotted inside offhand for your participant
- Reforge bench selection that will adjust passives or even whatever you opt for the particular benefit must be.

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