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KOGdemIcon...22:46 03.09.05 

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ummmm...... peanuts?
Gen_LodishIcon...09:10 06.05.06 


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09:10 06.05.06 - Edited

i must say that Star wars III, was great to watch, but kind of sad bout the jedi's members. My rate is 8/10.
bigguy563Icon...14:24 06.05.06 

reputed member

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Originally posted by Gen_Lodish...
i must say that Star wars III, was great to watch, but kind of sad bout the jedi's members. My rate is 8/10.

Well, the jedi had to die sometime between episode 3 and 4.
Apocalypse_TankIcon...07:44 01.06.07 

Chaplain of CNC

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my fav movies in order:
1. RoTS
2. RoTJ
3. ESB
4. ANH
5. PM
6. AoTC
CabalIcon...21:02 30.07.07 

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21:02 30.07.07 - Edited

The entire star wars (1-6) are all hilarious and comical in my opinion. Lucas doesn't care about good acting and interesting plot lines. It's all about how much CGI and special effects he can pack in.

LOTR.. now that is a superbly done triology and tho misses out some very important parts from the books, there is quality acting and so fourth.
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SpygonIcon...23:10 30.07.07 

Defence Specialist

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you are joking lotr films are one of the worse films like ever sorry i know its only my view as there millions of people who like it but i just cant see whats so great with it.So borning the story line is pretty pointless the heros an idiot and it goes on forever.Sorry my rant is over but the original star wars films are classic not such a fan of the new ones thou.Also what are gooing on about bad acting the acting in the originals are great Grin .
CabalIcon...12:14 02.08.07 

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12:15 02.08.07 - Edited

Of course you are entitled to your opinion. It is the wrong opinion but you can state it anyway.

Dammit I keep doing that with the attachments >.>
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Apocalypse_TankIcon...22:31 07.08.07 

Chaplain of CNC

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i support Cabal's view on LotR, its a really good trilogy, not to say that it can rival SW in technology and special effects but a good cast makes a good movie.
matsmiffIcon...08:40 29.08.07 

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I thought LOTR was a good trilogy... then I read the book and realised how much Jackson raped it into another piece of hollywood...

I love the original starwars, but the modern ones were a major disapointment. Lucas is old, rich and fat and I guess lost some of his marbles.

My thought was that the Phantom menace should have been about Anakin from birth and they could have skipped alot of the politics etc.
Deaths_HeadIcon...06:46 14.09.07 

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I dont have to rate the Star Wars Saga, I love all of them and even have all the dvd's including the Clone Wars.

Thanks George for a great ride.

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