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cheapfifa54Icona lot of time to find the right body www.esobays.com07:23 03.04.14 

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Antiquity reels 5 has many career can for players select, and each a career are has respective of advantage, this is why this paragraph game obtained very more players favorite of causes, for calls Division,, can uses calls bio in not hurt blood of situation Xia easily clearance calls division general situation has two a branch,Cheap ESO Gold slave stream and big June stream, following respectively said respective of pros and cons potential, that main for body, horizon has many strong of humanoid enemy, this is death slave of exists value, Master level of death slave can slavery 40 level of enemy, and has Restorer died spirit Mage perk of vampire can slavery 50 level of vampire type enemy advantage: has powerful of output capacity, typical of like 2.5 times times anti perk of 34 level abandoned sworn grab who, and like has weird hurt ice storm of Mo Keran, and ice Department have Swiss pulled Republika disadvantage: due to death slave is master magic, so needs pressure level, or will missed best of calls timing, When map refresh advanced monsters (51 thorns of the heart, and deruilasi on the player probably approaches the level 30 painted 46), then death slave slavery and had to spend a lot of time to find the right body, if not found, you can only select a console for a corpse downgrade.

Slave attendants lost more easily,Poster page! such as players to leave the battlefield, slave flow players must face a problem, slave is often inexplicably missing, having to watch where a slave State, it got lost, PRID MoveTo slave code 14. Another is infighting, often several slave followers can fight (law), this situation is really very egg pain. In General, it is recommended that two looters or Shui Mo Keran + Lars.

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