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» Forum » Red Alert 2 Discussion » red alert 2 has encountered an internal error

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oMaR4eVeRIconred alert 2 has encountered an internal error18:37 08.03.10 

 Reps: 12

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18:37 08.03.10 - Edited

When open red alert and play . . in network in the middle of the game
this message appear to me and the game aborted

red alert 2 has encountered an internal error
and is unable to continue normally .

please visit our website at
for the latest updates and technical support .

This Image

KoaieusIcon...18:44 28.02.11 

 Reps: 11

#3622, 1 Posts

same here... anyone has a solution for this? reinstalling doesn't work, nor does setting compatibility to a lower OS.. (windows 7 here...)

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