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SpygonIconNews: Sense and Sensibility; or, EA.11:45 04.11.08 

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When i orginally heard this i was shocked Eek not that i have ever been banned from a offical forum before but i know how it can happen to pretty much innocent people as a comment or joke took badly by an admin then they have a go at the person the person goes to defend himself while still being angry a wrong word here or there and bang a ban slapped on the person as admins are humans and they all have bad days but normally this would mean the person is banned from the forum for a couple of months.The person banned would probly be abit pissed off but other than that would be okay but if what EA says they want to do is put in place that means the person cant play any ea games anymore so just because of a slight misunderstanding on a forum an innocent person cant play there favourite games anymore Eek sorry but thats just wrong.Im glad to see EA have stopped this but i feel that EA are getting abit too big for there boots as now they seem to be trying to push the gaming community around trying to control the community as much as possible instead of us telling them what we expect from them.I have always been a fan of electronic arts ever since the mega drive days but now they have seemed to have turned into a money hungry selfish corporation that have no intrest in there customers but more on how much money they can take from us Angry.But we start needing to show EA that they should be trying to keep us happy not the other way round.

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