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» Forum » Comments » News: British actress Gemma Atkinson is Lt. Eva McKenna

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SpygonIconNews: British actress Gemma Atkinson is Lt. Eva McKenna09:44 06.08.08 

Defence Specialist

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22:04 07.08.08 - Edited

im not sure about this as i never thought she was that great of an actor but this part will certainly put her acting skills to the test.Also why cant EA just get random actors in again one its better than seeing a famous actor from something else really struggle.As an unknown actor will really do there best as they think it could possibily be there "big break" while famous people are like cool im in a video game that must make me cool so ill wont even try to act.Bring back the nobodies Tongue
bigguy563Icon...20:49 06.08.08 

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Apparently it costs so much they couldn't afford to give her the right insignia. Three strips = seargent, not Lieutenent.
erikmcfarIcon...21:59 06.08.08 

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Maybe they're using Rob's Forum rank hierarchy.
PaulIcon...01:44 11.08.08 

( . Y . )

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This is hilarious. Must mention it to Rob/Ash if they've not already seen it.

She's only famous for her massive fake tits, really.
erikmcfarIcon...02:23 11.08.08 

All-time Rep: 7000+

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lol...thanks for the pop culture update for us folk from the other side of the Atlantic. Anyways sounds like a certain actress from RA2.

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