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erikmcfarIconWhat's rocking your XBOX360?11:27 29.05.08 

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-Assassins Creed
-Dead Rising
-Halo 3
-Call of duty 4 (anyone else think that "mile high club" is one of the most difficult achievements to get?)

Looking forward to:
-Gears of War 2

Did anyone get Mercinaries 2? After what I heard about Mercinaries 1, i'm really interested...
SpygonIcon...09:15 30.05.08 

Defence Specialist

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09:16 30.05.08 - Edited

im playing on my 360 at the mo

Mass effect
cod 4

and yes mile high club is an evil achivement as the error ratio on that plane is like 0.1 if you do it slightly wrong your dead also i got lucky as at the end i ran out of bullets and managed to pull off a double knife attack on the last two people.
and mercinaries 2 has been delayed again as i really liked the first one i want to get the sequal if it ever comes out lol

what im waiting for
Gears 2
and maybe fable 2
erikmcfarIcon...10:25 30.05.08 

All-time Rep: 7000+

 Reps: 387

#5, 318 Posts

10:26 30.05.08 - Edited

I think that CoD4 is a great example of How to write a quality storyline/script. Serious overtone, but with little nuggets of comic relief thrown in at opportune moments.

Gaz = #1

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