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Lava2007IconLITTLE AI Attack Problem19:53 10.02.08 

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I know how to make custom AI Attacks but I've tried them on my map that i most recently made and the computer won't build them so i don't know if i have to up the time it allows them to build them or if i messed up on a section:


2 Rhino Tanks/ 3 Dog's (Easy Attack)


Gather @ Base
Gather @ Enemy
Attack - Vehicles
Attack - Not Specified


2 Rhino Tanks/ 3 Dog's (Easy Attack)

Everything is filled out as needed ... but i'm not sure if i made a mistake here ?

House = GDI ( Instead of "" )

AI Triggers:

2 Rhino Tanks/ 3 Dog's (Easy Attack)

House Owns X of Condition Y ( Not using program so not surten if that is correct)

House = GDI (Instead of "" )

Oh by the way i made the weighings:

MinWeigh = 0
MaxWeigh = 100
Weigh = 100

I have the "(NAWEAP)" as the tech building becuae you can't make a tank with a barracks so i put it as :

Greater than or equal to - 1 - NAWEAP

That may be wrong then (I havent' done many (full map of custom attacks)(But i have done 3-4 custom attacks so i know the procedure pretty well)

Then i went to "AI Trigger Enabling" and it is enabled but when i test it they don't make the teams i don't know if the "GDI" under the house sections is a valid statement (working statement for the game to understand)

So Can I Use "GDI" to designate that all allied forces can make this team ?
Apocalypse_TankIcon...20:26 10.02.08 

Chaplain of CNC

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I haven't made a map in the past century so, I wish I could help.

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