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Lava2007IconBase Nodes (Single Player)04:02 27.01.08 

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A) What is a base node


B) How do i make the building transparant like on the single player maps that westwood made ? .... like the mission when ur playing soviet campaign and you must destroy the battle lab and it builds a psychic beacon (you can see this using the final alert map editor)

I need to know how to do the base nodes ... I try and do the "base node and don't delete building" and it doesn't do anything (from a new map not one of westwood's single player maps)... and i also tried the "base node and delete building" and it just removes the building completely ... I looked in wordpad and it had the weird stuff

001-NACNST,45,56 and it had under the [houses] node count = 1
Lava2007Icon...01:36 03.02.08 

 Reps: 99

#1028, 62 Posts

Nevermind ... all your answers were great .. oh wait NO ONE helped me that's right .. But i figured it out and now i can do base nodes !
Apocalypse_TankIcon...11:19 03.02.08 

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good for you.
SpygonIcon...13:36 03.02.08 

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13:36 03.02.08 - Edited

no one answered probley because no one knew we are not ignoring you its just it abit of a waste of both yours and others peoples time if we gave an answer that didnt really help

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