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» Forum » Red Alert 2 Discussion » Can i and how do i (if i can) Extracting from previous games !

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Lava2007IconCan i and how do i (if i can) Extracting from previous games !01:35 20.01.08 

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#1028, 62 Posts

Is there any way i can take like the pavement from Tiberium Sun and put it on RA2 ?? using the xcc mixer or what ???

Or is there any way i can take the image as they call it on red alert 2 and use the image from tiberium sun that they used as the titan unit ???

Basicly i want to extract units and structures from other games !

Is it possible ?
Apocalypse_TankIcon...03:18 21.01.08 

Chaplain of CNC

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#359, 219 Posts

most likely, to me, a no. Two different games, two different styles. I'm not entirely sure if you can.

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