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Lava2007IconSingle Player Map (Campaign)01:30 20.01.08 

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I'm trying to make a single player map and when i save it i make it a .map file like the other's on the disc.... But i need help:

1) When i go into Edit > Basic > Next Map and the Alt. Map i don't understand what that is used for i'm trying to test my maps out but i think i have to use the xcc mixer and put them in there and maybe that will make it so i can test them ... i have no idea ... So i need help cause i redid the 11th mission on the soviet campaign and i am making it a lot better alot harder and all that crap !

I put the "" on my first map so that it goes into the second map and i can't even get to my 1st map .... I have no clue what is wrong ...

2) On all the missions on the disc they have the houses set to the following !:


I'm not sure if i have to go into a text document and type them in in place of the other houses and replace the coutries with that same info.

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