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» Advanced Mapping Tutorial AI

Adding AI to your map can be pretty tricky, it can be a real trial and error process but in the end, getting the AI to work can be very satisfying. According the players you have on your map you must add innerperimeter and outperimeter areas and waypoint paths to every base. Take a look at this diagram here, aimap.jpg. I have provided a an AIExample map incase you need to see for yourself.

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Notice how instead of one backdoor, center and flank waypointpath for each player I"ve given two, one going into the centre of the players base and one heading out, this is because the AI both uses these to attack and exit, the AI uses these waypoint paths exiting its base and uses its enemy"s waypoint paths to attack.

The innerperimeter should also be ALWAYS inside the outperimeter, but where you don"t want defence structures, make the spacing between the two almost non-existant.

When having AI problems check the following"

1.     Spacing between starting point and resources, should be a fair distance as the AI has a specific location for its resource collecting structure, judged from the location of its command centre, if the command centre is too close, its location for its resource structure may be blocked by the supplies.

2.     General spacing, if the AI doesn"t have enough spacing similar problems can occur in relation to point no.1, determining which areas should be free for building in modifying current maps can be difficult, try moving the supplies and the start location to improve the space around the area, but keep in mind you will have to test all three sides in each position as once you have fixed one side"s problem you may have caused further building problems with the other two sides.

3.     Simple naming mistakes, always check your waypoint paths and trigger areas, they may be named wrong, things like spaces in the names where they shouldn"t be are a common occurrence, e.g. "Back door".

4.     When dealing with migration problems, simply leave generous spacing around the supplies, if it still hasn"t fixed the problem, make more space, they will come.

5.     Don"t forget to add the skirmish players, if you want AI you MUST add skirmish players. Go to "Edit" in the WB, select Add_players, then click add_skirmish_players.

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