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» GLA Vs. MiGs

Unless you"™ve been living under a rock for the past few months or simply have not yet played Generals, you will know one of the most talked about subjects ever is about those little red and beige flying pointy things "“ otherwise known as the MiG.

So let"™s get an overview of the Chinese MiG to begin with"¦

  • Its fast
  • It's powerful;
  • It's even more powerful when upgraded;
  • It's quite cheap;
  • Fast to build;
  • Long ranged;
  • Good armour.
So the other day I get call in at the CNCSeries Strategy Clinic asking me what they could do about the rapidly spreading disease 'Migaphobia'.

My response was actually rather unusual because I have to say in relation to effectively stopping a pro player"™s MiGs I don"™t actually know the perfect solution.

When I say I don"™t know I don"™t mean this is where this topic ends: far from it. I mean this is a thing I"™ve spent ages trying to stop, No other opponents strategy has made me repeat the words 'oh for God"™s sake move' or ' how the hell did it survive that?'.

Now - select Tournament Desert as my template again and use my early GLA build order to start with. Of course, the most hopeful thing is that my Terrorist Rush guide will win the game for you so you don"™t have to worry about MiG"™s "“ but let"™s assume he counters it and builds an Airfield early on.

You will hear people say \"build Quad Cannons" - they'll also say build Stingers and RPG Troopers.... this however will only work against the most average of foes and against a good player you will be toast. (Pun intended? "“ Ed)


Because China have the best early game economy, and if you spend time on building the Quad Cannons they will also have ground forces to back up the MiGs and you can"™t get both Scorpions and Quad Cannons out at the same time because"¦

  • GLA don"™t have AS good early game economy;
  • Quad build times are so slow;
  • Early game needs to be spent getting Scorpions and Technicals and Terrorists out.
So, here"™s the real answer: don"™t defend, attack!

My best counter to an airfield full of MiGs is a Terrorist attack "“ hide the Technical somewhere in the middle side of the map and after his MiGs have hit you and are returning to reload drive the technical up to the field and bomb it to bits.

This usually works because"¦

  • Spending $3000-5000 on MiGs reduces the amount of ground defenses he will have;
  • You can surprise him using the incredible speed of the Technical.
Now forget all your Quad Cannons and your Stingers that take longer to build than it does to cook a roast dinner - offence is the best defense in this situation.

If that has worked and you both reach middle game but he persists in building airfields of MiGs this is the time to build Quads. By now you should have 2 Arms Dealers up and you can get both Anti-Air and Anti-ground units out. Also a Stinger Site or 2 at the front won"™t hurt at this time - this can"™t be done early game for the reasons I stated earlier.

But even with that idea in mind MiGs will still be a problem....they"™re adept at avoiding defenses and managing to strike with maximum damage and minimum loss.

Bomb trucks will also make ideal anti-Airfield with the MiGs weapons, but then they have to get there and now this is getting into mid/late game.

Late game MiG attacks aren"™t so much a problem in my opinion - by then you should have the most effective anti-MiG thing in the entire game: the Rebel Ambush, but that strategy speaks for itself.

Of course the Scud Storm too, but this is all elementary stuff now.

Long story short:

MiGs are a big problem as both GLA and USA but as GLA there are more ways of beating them that I have discovered now.

Just remember: Terrorist rush them, it"™s the best MiG counter that GLA"™S early game have to offer and often works very well.

I would say not to listen to people who say just build 4-6+ quads because early game this is simply not practical or possible effectively.

It"™s not an epic guide, but there"™s no need for it to go over time"¦ I may add a replay for this (me vs GROM jurgen) in which his MiGs were toasted continuously throughout our game but with only 1 or 2 being brought down through Quads or Stingers.

Hope this helps to alleviate the fire,


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