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Content: Where and when I play! - orca234 - Forum

I used to love playing the C&C games on the "Playstation" and was a major fan.
The music by frank Klepacki was one thing that made the games even more awsome and I couldnt get enough of the Red Alert sound track.

I then got Tiberian Sun in late 2001 and Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge soon after.

As soon as I saw the Advert for C&C renegade on RA2 Yuri's Revenge CD I knew I had to buy it. And I did as soon as it came out in 2002.

I think The C&C games are some of the best games there are but my most played one is C&C Renegade.

I have also done some modding but mainly for Tiberian Sun and RA2.

I also own Tiberian Wars but havent played it on the internet yet but will do some day Happy

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