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» Battle Reports » iflyudie Korea Vs. herschied America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
iflyudie +27 beat herschied -27

Map:Hammer and Sickle
Game Length:23 minutes

I'm almost tempted to add yet another blackmark, but this guy was pretty harmless - just one of those fellows who is convinced that anyone better than him is automatically map-hacking.

Scouting went well. I had the middle island, so things were looking good immediately. I scouted his base thoroughly, killing a few dogs in the process. A well placed pillbox ensured that he only made it to the edge of my base with his own dogs. Que two miners, an IFV to hold off a rocketeer and then staight tanks. After a few refineries, I moved up to the middle, building another refinery and then my AFC.

My opponent dropped a good para in my base at this point - ever so nearly managing to destroy my war factory before I squashed his remaining GIs. I repaired the factory, then noted that my opponent had moved his MCV and forces to the top left - also constructing a naval yard. I quickly went naval. I built a few destroyers, then went for several dolphins after my battle lab went up.

Meanwhile, I was making full use of my four eagles - I was harassing his tanks, taking out his battle lab and generally preventing him from attacking across the bridge (not that this would have been a problem).

A few dolphins arrived at my yard, which my destroyers quickly took care of. I now moved to his yard (off the right hand side of the top left), managing to destroy it quite easily thanks to a group of 5 rocketeers picking off his dolphins when they chose to attack. He tried building another one, but quickly sold it realising his attempt was futile.

I expanded to the bottom right area at this point, building another refinery to ensure my economy stayed on top. I took out a power plant in his original base with my eagles, before deciding to build another AFC to cause him even more grief. I continued to hassle tanks, whilst also holding off a rather obvious engy-IFV attempt at my recently moved MCV.

I saw a naval yard go up on the far left of the map, so sent all my dolphins to the bridge - building a few more for good measure. I took out his war factory with my eagles after he failed to repair it before their second sorte. They continued to hassle his tanks, whilst I was building numerous mirage tanks on the middle island.

His dolphins eventually came to the bottom bridge, which he had destroyed earlier - my forces held them off with the help of my rocketeers and destroyers. An aircraft carrier at the top had already done for his battle lab (yes, destroyed for the second time in the game).

By now I had a full squadron of 8 eagles - I quickly sent them across the map, then up to his MCV, avoiding his patriot defenses. They destroyed it with ease.

My opponent, sensing imminent defeat, told me how he would use XGS to prove that I mapped - and would post a cheat report. I welcomed him to post one, telling him that I would quickly disprove it. Poor fellow.
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