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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Great Britain Vs. mauriger Iraq

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
jackosdad +20 beat mauriger -20

Map:South Pacific
Game Length:30 minutes

I was disappointed to only come away with 20 points in this match - it hadn't been easy, though I was on top for the majority of the game.

Starting in the bottom right, I quickly took all my derricks and the airport. I qued straight tanks, building a few more refineries before putting up my AFC. I had managed to scout to the front of my opponent's base (pillbox) as well as the bottom of the cliff (another dog). He failed to scout at all.

I sent my tanks to his lower derrick, whilst sending my paradrop to where I thought his upper derrick would be. I quickly killed off the pillbox and lower derrick, but lost all my paratroopers to my opponent's dogs - although I had managed to drop them right by the derrick, despite the fog being there (a good sign of how much I play this map!).

Unfortunately, I appeared to have lost my top right derrick to a rocketeer attack - which I had no idea of at all. I quickly built a few IFVs, realising that my opponent had quite a few. I sent my tanks from the bottom left back to the middle, and then further back to my base.

My opponent managed to pick off my IFVs, and was starting to attack my tanks before I got a few rocketeers of my own out (I constructed AFC and another barracks at this point) as well as a few more IFVs. Eventually I placed a patriot in my base, forcing my opponent to retreat.

I moved back to the middle, managing to quell a double paradrop in the process (there were to be quite a few of these). I built a refinery by the airport, then later moved my MCV north to build a refinery there. I was fighting off rocketeer attacks at this point, whilst seemingly gaining a large tank advantage - I stopped him going for the lower gems by threatening with my tanks.

I had refineries everywhere now, eventually moving to the middle to take advantage of the gems there. My opponent had teched up, building quite a few mirage tanks (he sent some to the bottom left gems to protect his miners). I had built quite a few rocketeers by now, as well as four harriers. I combined the two to take out his top left derrick. I later sent my rocketeers back, taking out a power plant while his IFVs were distracted by my harriers in the bottom left. A small rocketeer war took place at this point, with me coming out on top with around 5 left.

I teched up at this point, building my own mirage units whilst having to hold off a double paradrop every few minutes with dogs and a few spare rocketeers. Once I had a few mirage tanks, I attacked with a small group from the bottom left - killing off his rocketeers and hitting his mirage tanks positioned there with harriers. I moved the tank split north, taking out his airport - he sold his refinery presumably.

I had a clear advantage now, with loads of GIs in the middle as fodder. But money was running out - I went naval, building a few Aegis cruisers before an aircraft carrier. I didn't bother with dolphins, I could see my opponent lacked the funds to go naval. My opponent decided to make a mad last charge at this point - sending a large group of mirage tanks out of his base and into the middle. I had numerous grizzlies there to counter the threat, which were backed up my mirage tanks positioned on the top of the cliff just above (after just killing his airport). I made short work of his units, then used harriers to kill off a stream of prism tanks.

I sent my naval units around the edge, killing off all his miners with my mirage tanks. It was all over. He resigned.

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