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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Great Britain Vs. killerinc Iraq

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
killerinc +25 beat jackosdad -25

Map:Isle of War
Game Length:25 minutes

I was slightly annoyed to lose this match, given that I had practiced the map (by chance) with Paul several times already that night. Unfortunately, battling Soviets is a slightly different matter - but ultimately my lack of immediate expansion proved my downfall.

Scouting went horribly - I lost two dogs in the canyon, failing to get anywhere near his base. He had a good look around mine, finally losing his dog when it became stuck on the edge of the bridge where I had deployed two GIs. I went for straight tanks out of the war factory, worried that he may be planning a straight rush. I positioned my tanks by my GIS, also sending any spare ones from selling refineries up there (see attached screenshot).

I built a few refineres before finally putting up my airforce command - I built a few rocketeers straight out, managing to scout out most his base. I failed to scout the northern section of the map, which would prove to be a rather large error. Given that my opponent was in control at this moment, I thought I would try and surprise him with a rocketeer attack. I moved my MCV to the ore up the cliff, quickly stretching off another barracks and then queing the rocketeers. I don't think he saw this, as he didn't produce any more anti-air than he already had (1 flak).

When I had quite a few of the rocketeers, I tried to attack his northern expansion - I had to kill one flak track in the process, which cost me a few rocketeers. I managed to get a tesla reactor to about half power before a few more flaks finally sent me packing. My opponent started to get inventive at this point, sending a desolator to the edge of the bridge (picked off easily by my sniper, who was lying in wait for just such an occasion) and using V3s from the northern area to destroy various buildings within range. These happened to include my war factory, AFC and refinery.

I was quickly falling behind now, especially given that my opponent had his second war factory, a battle lab and a naval yard. I knew what was coming, the question was could I stop it? I built another AFC, queing a few harriers. I managed to destroy the sea scorpion he had sent to protect it, then killed the dread with a few rocketeers and the harriers. This wasn't before it managed to kill off a few of my buildings sadly. I was rapidly becoming out-tanked now, and had lost a wandering miner or two by the edge of the northern cliff.

My opponent sent another dreadnought, which this time I had no answer to. He picked off a few more structures, whilst I moved further west - garrisoning buildings and building a few pillboxes in defense. I had already built a few patriot missiles to stave off a kirov.

My opponent sent his tanks around at this point - piling into my base and, eventually, crushing my seemingly meagre resistance. Thoroughly outplayed.
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