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» Battle Reports » jackocncs America Vs. ispankyou Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
ispankyou +29 beat jackocncs -29

Map:Depth Charge
Game Length:20 minutes

Depth Charge is probably one of the few maps which blatantly favours allies. However, in my hands, the allies on this map resemble more a rabble of infants than an overpowered and dominating force.

To begin with after starting at the top left position, I sent rocketeers to prevent him from procuring any of the middle derricks, which was largely successful in that I killed two of the three engineers he sent, but the third managed to capture one of the derricks. He quickly put up a flak cannon in the middle, and guarded his main with a single flak track.

After constructing a war factory in the middle of the map after having secured the three top derricks, I was initially successful in taking total control of the island. However, tanks from his 2nd war factory and a mass of sentry guns eventually pushed me off the island.

In response to this mini-defeat, I moved my mcv over to the other starting position to the south of my base and set up a war factory and refinery there, while at the same time destroying his naval yard with my dolphins. Without a naval yard, my new expansion wasn't threatened, as he had no remaining amphibious transports. His plan quickly became evident, however, as he put up an Iron Curtain in the middle of the map. He had also constructed two more naval yards, which were well protected by desolators standing right by them.

I decided to make a Chronosphere in response to this threat, and sent some of his tanks right into the water. His attempt to use his Iron Curtain was foiled by my mirages destroying his tank-carrying transport before it landed. By this stage, I had made two aircraft carriers, which I had tried to hide from him until I could be sure of destroying his Iron Curtain in one sortie for purposes of surprise. This was accomplished, but his flak mass meant that my carriers wouldn't play a huge part in the game, and I had also seen that he had a large submarine force.

I then saw him attempting to replicate my actions, and send his mcv along with some miners to the uninhabited island to the north of his base. Taking this opportunity, I sent a tanya and a paradrop to take care of it, which worked brilliantly, killing his cy and the refinery he had placed there. By now, the nuke he had constructed earlier was ready, and he aimed it directly at my main base. Attempting to save my tanks which were located there, I tried to chrono them into his base. Sadly, for some reason, the chrono didn't work, and I watched helplessly as they got destroyed by his nuke.

Soon after, a transport he had sent around the edges of the map arrived at my expansion, taking out my Construction Yard before I could react. Now I was in quite serious trouble. Realising that I'd lose as soon as his two kirovs decided to finish me off, I tested out something with the Chronosphere, namely trying to kill his lab and nuke by dropping his tanks onto them. Interestingly, this didn't work, but did succeed in giving me a good laugh about my own stupidity.

A fun 4 games against a top player, in which I managed to win in some unsuitable situations, and he managed to do the same in winning against me on a naval map which traditionally supports allies.

Replay attached.
game_replay_4604249_jackocncs_ispankyou.xif (657kb, 298 downloads)

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