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» Battle Reports » jackocncs America Vs. ispankyou Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
jackocncs +42 beat ispankyou -42

Map:Golden State Freeway
Game Length:6 minutes

Finally I got one of my most preferred maps, Golden State Freeway, so I was feeling a bit more confident about this one, despite the map being thought of as one which aids soviet players.

After starting in the top right position, I quickly secured my two derricks with the aid of a mutual "no engi eat" agreement, and instead focused my dogs on trying to prevent his conscripts from securing the buildings which lay between our derricks. Seeing four, I managed to eat three of them, but watched as one of them eluded the lunging jaws of my rabid and rancid canines, the snatching jaws deceived by a bite at the empty air (see aeneid simile in Book XII).

Our war factories were seperated only by a very small expanse of land, promising a hectic battle. I try to secure an early advantage by harrassing him with rockies, however he places a flak cannon right under them and effectively prevents me from deriving much use from them unless I wanted to bankrupt myself making 50 of them. Instead I start maneuvering my tanks around to ensure he can't take out a miner or get a few hits at a building.

After awhile, he had almost stretched to my main expansion at the derrick, constructing a sentry gun as close to it as possible and defending it with his sentry gun. Accepting battle, I moved my tanks and dogs forward, and at the same time popped up a pill of my own. His tanks weren't in the best position, and the confined location meant that my allied tanks had a chance. After acquiring a numerical superiority, I pushed forward and sealed the game with a paradrop right next to his war factory.

Probably one of the more enjoyable games I've played for awhile, despite it lasting only 6 minutes.

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