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» Battle Reports » jackocncs America Vs. ispankyou Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
jackocncs +49 beat ispankyou -49

Map:Lake Blitzen
Game Length:15 minutes

If I was despairing of my chances when I realised I'd started on the left in the Pinch Point game, I had almost renounced all hope when seeing I had started in the bottom left corner on Lake Blitzen. Whereas my opponent had easy access to gems, I would have to move my mcv, losing valuable time.

I quickly secure the oil derrick to the north of my base, while scouting him out and seeing that he was preparing engineers to take the derricks on the islands in the middle of the map. By this stage, I had moved my mcv to the gems and built a refinery there. Deciding to get some of the derricks for myself, I sent a transport loaded with engineers off to secure them. However, after revealing the airport, I saw a battle lab and flak cannon already on it.

This was a potentially dire situation, as all my buildings were in range of a dreadnought, and I had no real way of stopping it. In order to buy time, I quickly built an aegis cruiser and positioned it right in front of his dreadnought, effectively rendering it useless as all the missiles were quickly shot down. Two destroyers killed all his buildings on the airport island, and allowed me to take the airport for myself.

While this was going on, he had snuck 4 Rhino Tanks around to my Construction Yard, and destroyed it. This was quite a blow, as I had only constructed one war factory, and he already had two. Realising this, I broke the bridge with my destroyers and headed to his derricks to destroy them, and also harrassed his main base with my rocketeers. Meanwhile, he had advanced his substantial Rhino Tank force to the region above my north derrick. I knew that if I managed to hold him off, the damage I'd done with my harrassing would start to pay off. He broke through my line of tanks just before my paradrop landed, but lost several of his own in the process. Knowing he couldn't fight a pitched battle, he fled, shooting backwards at my miners as he ran out.

My rocketeers and destroyers had already done substatial damage with the aid of a paradrop, and now I was sending the remnants of my tank force into his base, in pursuit of his own tanks. Realising he was now outnumbered by the combined GIs, rocketeers and tanks, he sold his cy to give him an extra defensive boost. Unluckily for him, I still had two destroyers, which I now directed to kill his last remaining war factory.

Although he beat off my attack, leaving me with 6 tanks to his 9, his infrastructure was almost totally destroyed, effectively leaving desos and flak troopers as his only remaining options. After a final push with war miners, a couple of tanks and lots and lots of infantry which I quickly repulsed, he resigned.

Replay attached.
game_replay_4603769_jackocncs_ispankyou.xif (733kb, 207 downloads)

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