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» Battle Reports » jackocncs America Vs. ispankyou Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
ispankyou +17 beat jackocncs -17

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:7 minutes

As soon as this game started I was a little apprehensive about my chances. For a start, my opponent is very talented, and is often in the top 5 of the ladder. Secondly, I started on the left at Pinch Point, which meant that to have any chance at all I'd need to expand pretty quickly.

He anti-scouts me pretty well, so I'm left guessing whether he'll go for a sell cy rush or something slightly more conventional. I decide to risk it a bit and go for a miner out of the factory, gambling that he won't go for a rush. Once I've made 3 miners, I decide to pause my building construction for awhile so I can make tanks more quickly in order to gain numerical superiority to guard my expansion.

Deciding the time is right, I move my mcv below the cliff on the lower side of the map, intending to place a refinery up there to harvest the gems. Noticing this, he moves his forces to the middle to attempt to stop my plans. At this stage, I have 15 allied tanks to his 12 soviet tanks, but my true advantage lies in my 17 GIs procured from paradrops, which should more than combat any advantages he gets from his 5 tesla troopers.

After maneuvering around a bit, he splits off four of his tanks to kill my Construction Yard. To react to this, I send all my tanks to protect it, knowing that I didn't have enough strength to fight him in two places. My yard gets killed at the final shot from the dying Rhino Tanks, precisely 0.001 of a second before I'm able to place the refinery I was constructing in its position on top of the cliff.

I'm now in a very bad position, as I've run out of ore at my main and have no expansion. All he needs to do is sit back, build up, and kill my tanks, which he easily accomplishes.

Replay attached.
game_replay_4603609_ispankyou_jackocncs.xif (300kb, 211 downloads)

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