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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Great Britain Vs. rakillerz Iraq

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
jackosdad +25 beat rakillerz -25

Map:South Pacific
Game Length:14 minutes

This was a rather hectic game. I started in the top right, meaning I had to get my skates on early to get the lower derrick without my engy being intercepted. I went for two engineers straight out of the barracks (first into the airport) and then 3 dogs. Thinking about it, I forgot to capture the derrick in my base. That was rather stupid.

Back to the game; scouting went quite well. I managed to get to the edge of his base and killed a few of his dogs. I failed to scout the top left or his airport area however. I managed to eat an engy that was, for unknown reasons, in the middle of the map.

I qued straight tanks, sending them straight to the middle. My opponent did the same, but swiftly withdrew when my early paradrop landed. At this point he must have gone for a radar - because there was a desolator on the scene within a minute or two. I split my forces, managing to kill the desolator off with a few tanks who suffered minor damage.

He attacked at this point, with a bunch of rhinos and two flak traks (one of which turned out to have an engineer one). It was pretty even, but then he decided to charge up to my lower derrick (where my AFC and another refinery were incidentally). I held him off with pillboxes, but the engineer in the flak trak managed to capture my derrick.

I split a few spare GIs from the middle to the top left at this point. The tank battle was still going on, fairly evenly. I was slightly distracted - and didn't really notice a barracks appear by what used to be my derrick. I destroyed it with a few pillboxes and a paradrop, returning to my GIs in the top left. There were only 3 of them - but I placed them behind the refinery he had built there and managed to destroy it.

He managed to make another barracks and capture my refinery in this melee - my only refinery as well. I had to cancel my second war factory and build another one, but fortunately I had 5000 plus credits, so I wouldn't lose too much in production.

I eventually managed to negate the threat around my derrick, pretty much destorying the whole area. I placed the new refinery by my airport (all gems were used by this point), before quickly queing a few dogs to stop a drop in my base. My three GIs were still in the top left corner - one of them now elite. I destroyed a sentry gun and the derrick (which in turn blew up another barracks).

Given my opponents love of building barracks at all corners of the map, it would seem logical that he didn't have time to go for two war factories. I rapidly began to out-tank him, clearly benefiting from my extra harvesters and the fact I had already used all the gems on the right hand side up.

I pushed into his base with my tanks, splitting them up to avoid desolator attacks. Meanwhile, I paradropped next to his airport - also sending two rocketeers to pick away at it.

Eventually, I rolled over all his remaining tanks and killed off his remaining barracks. Game over.

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