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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Great Britain Vs. finaiwar Iraq

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
finaiwar +23 beat jackosdad -23

Map:May Day
Game Length:37 minutes

I was so disappointed to lose this match. It was a long and hard struggle. I had managed to come out on top - but then threw the game away in one foul move.

Scouting went very well - I managed to uncover the majority of his base (at the top) whilst he got no further to mine than the edge of the upper derricks. I went for one miner out of the refinery (I'm not sure why - a silly decision) which gave him a small tank advantage. With the help of pillboxes and a few paradrops, I managed to fend him off at the upper derricks.

However, he had managed to build a dreadnought without my knowledge - which promptly did for my four derricks, pillboxes and airforce command (which I had placed in between them - again, another error). I wasn't too far behind in going naval, so my few destroyers managed to destroy it before it caused any more problems. A quick tech up and a few dolphins did for his solitary squid - he sold his naval yard, I had the water.

I began hassling with my free paradrop at this point - managing to remove his top set of derricks by garrisoning the small huts. I was to cause even more damage with my drops later, but sadly they were to prove too little too late.

The next notable event saw his production of Kirov - my hastily produced Aegis managed to kill it before it reached my naval yard, despite the efforts of several desolators positioned by the bridge. I eventually resigned myself to selling the naval yard, leaving my dolphins well out of troubles way in case I did indeed need them. I constructed a chronosphere at this point, building a mixture of mirage and prism tanks.

I had garrisoned the two large buildings at the very left of the map, so he was somewhat prevented from attacking me. To my surprise, he left his tanks in a nice big bunch when my chronosphere was ready to use. I promptly dropped 9 of them into the sea. However, he launched an attack with the aid of many desolators. At this point I built two sniper IFVs, which helped to kill them off quickly. I had the better of the tank battle, leaving him with few forces. This is when I made the fatal error. In my eagerness to give chase to his fleeting tanks, I sent my units straight over the radiation. It was lingering for longer than I had anticipated. I lost all of my mirage units, my prism tanks and my sniper IFVs. Instantly, in one moment of madness, I had all but threw the game away.

Given that my opponent hadn't scouted my base, I don't think he realised how little forces I had. I garrisoned the buildings on the edge of the river, trying to hold back his desolators and V3s with a harrier. I managed to kill a few tanks with the chronosphere, but he had seperated them all well - clearly not wanting to make the same mistake twice.

I held back his onslaught as best as I could with my mirage tanks and GI units. However, they proved too little to fend off all his rhinos. I managed to wipe up his right hand derricks and a few other structures with a paradrop at this point, but it was always only going to be a consolation.

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