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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Great Britain Vs. mazashi Iraq

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
jackosdad +37 beat mazashi -37

Map:Hammer and Sickle
Game Length:25 minutes

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My, my. What a plank this guy was. It took me a while to exert my supremacy, though this was no doubt related to the fact that he almost certainly map hacked.

Scouting went fairly well. I managed to kill one of his guard dogs and stopped him scouting anywhere near my base (I was on the middle island to his bottom left - immediate advantage). I only managed to scout up to the front of his base due to a sentry gun being placed right in the way. At this point I was accused of being a map hacker. Right.

I saw an engineer come out of his barracks early on - so I knew this could mean only one thing on this map. I built a pillbox by my MCV and hastily placed several dogs around all my important buildings. I had gone for two miners straight out of my war so would probably just have two grizzlies by the time his flak arrived.

He managed to navigate right to the back of my war factory with little hesitation (early indications of his map hacking). My tanks and a GI managed to kill his flak and engineer with little problems. Que more insults from my learned friend.

At this point I just started pouring out grizzlies, going for several more refineries before placing my airforce command. I was clearly on top, so decided to experiment a little - seeing if it was possible to stretch up the cliff. Despite eradicating a small forest, it proved not to be. I moved my MCV up, quickly building a refinery and second war factory.

I had a smallish tank lead by now, but my opponent was expanding quite aggressively. He moved his MCV down to the gems by the bottom bridge and built a refinery there - then came sauntering across the bridge and did the same by the patch of gems in the bottom right. I moved my tanks over from the main island to retaliate. With the aid of sentry guns he profited from my attack, managing to wipe out my tanks with 4 or 5 of his remaining. I had around 4 tanks now, quickly sending them back to my base and placing a pillbox at the entrance.

He threatened to attack, but quickly decided against it when I began hassling with a few rocketeers. At this point I built a battle lab and naval yard - going for mirages, a Tanya and a few dolphins before an aircraft carrier. Given the buildings he had placed on the edge of the water, I thought there would be a good chance for Tanya to cause some damage. But, miraculously, he seemed to know her every move (despite having no navy and thus means of scouting the water she was swimming in).

He eventually backed off from the bottom section, when my mirage army was growing. He now moved his MCV to the top left, building a refinery and barracks there. I sent my MCV south, with most of my tanks, to build my own refinery. He sensed an opportunity here, moving all his tanks towards the upper bridge. I managed to get mine back just in the nick of time, fending off his units. I then scuppered the bridge, worried about his growing numbers of Rhinos.

Meanwhile, my aircraft carrier was taking what seemed like forever to blow the lower bridge up. I could have used Tanya for this, but she had perished at the top of the left island (again, great 'instincts' on my opponent's part). My enemy began building a number of desolators - which clearly posed a threat given my large numbers of mirage tanks. I should have built a few snipers at this point - they would have picked them off as well as the engineer that he repaired the bridge with.

He crossed the bridge, managing to get all his forces on the main island. I placed several pillboxes around my war factory position there, also queing a prism tower and other power plant. My tanks were doing well, with the help of the pillboxes. The prism tower was placed just as he deployed his desolators - I managed to kill them off while retreating my tanks which suffered only minor damage. With the help of the prism tower, I now pushed forwards and wiped up his tanks.

My aircraft carrier was now quickly making its way around the left hand side of the map (after finally blowing the bridge). At this point, my opponent said "i banned u" and promptly disconnected. A rewarding win, but you would do well to avoid this player.

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