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» Battle Reports » Corsair Iraq Vs. Back4TrY Iraq

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
Corsair +30 beat Back4TrY -30

Map:Urban Rush
Game Length:4 minutes

Finally, Urban Rush. I have been playing countless Allied maps on my soviet nicks and was eagerly waiting for a map that clearly favours Soviets. The last game on the previous day I was given this map too. I played BellaDona, who was ranked a fair bit higher at the time. He was playing with Allies, which means a freewin for Soviets in 80% of cases. I ended that game in a little over 2 minutes, giving me +44 points, boosting my points total to over 800.

Now was my chance to prove my skill against another 'Soviet Bitch', as they're commonly called among frequent QM players. I was placed on the right, which is better in my opinion. I stretched as far as I could with power and rax and immediately trained 3 Dogs and a dozen Conscripts. I placed the Dogs about strategically, in guard mode. I ate 2 of his 3 dogs right away, the other one was killed by my Conscripts that had garrisoned the buildings.

I was clearly in a better position now and took advantage of it. What followed was the battle for the middle, as the Airport is vital to winning. By logically placing more or less Conscripts in certain buildings, close to his buildings or not I managed to take all but 1 Building. That was the one at the lower bridge to his base.

Both of us followed nearly the same build order, although he did some foolish things. He made a drone and a Repair Depot. He tried droning a tank I placed in the middle, which I drove back to base as soon as I saw spidey coming. It was killed by my garrisoned buildings quickly. I had 2 Miners steadily digging and had sold my MCV for a quick cash boost and extra fodder.

With the engineer given from the sold yard I took the Airport and kept producing tanks 'til the paradrop was done. The moment it was, I took all my tanks to the top of his base and paradropped conscripts infront of my tank force. He had been focussing his defences at the bottom bridge, which were now rather useless. As soon as my conscripts stood on the ground I reformed my tank group and started picking off buildings. He had 1 tank more than me, but I had 9 Conscripts as fodder.

These kind of games come down to tank control and insight. In that aspect, I was ahead of him. He did not regroup and reformed his tanks properly, otherwise this game would have lasted longer. I managed to win without much effort with 4 tanks out of 12 left. He quit when he lost the tank battle, leaving me with +30 points.

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