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» Battle Reports » Corsair Iraq Vs. DrSmash France

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
DrSmash +26 beat Corsair -26

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:5 minutes

I was given this map numerous times in November. On top of that, I was placed on the inferior left side of the map 9 out of 10 times. This game was no exception. I was pretty sure DrSmash would beat me, as I have played him before and know he is generally the better player.

As I said, I started out on the left, him on the right. I was determined not to rush, as Pinch Point isn't the map to do so. Besides, I wasn't going to risk him popping up a Grand Cannon and decimate my tanks from a distance. I went for a long term build order: Power, Barracks, Refinery, War Factory (miner, wait, tanks), Refinery. After about 30 seconds I started tank production, now steadily supported by 3 miners on one orefield. I rallypointed them to the middle and moved my mcv up the top middle cliff on the map and proceeded with building another Refinery by the gems.

DrSmash knew I wasn't rushing and had went for a decent economy early on. 2 miners from his War Factory, with a refinery at the top and bottom ore field saw to his stable economy. The moment I was building a Refinery to place near the gems my counter hit 0, stalling my tank production. Miner micro didn't help in this case, I was being outtanked slowly but surely. I managed to catch up a bit but things weren't looking good.

After he built an AFC he unpacked his mcv and took his entire tank force with it to the middle. I fell into his trap. He did the following: He let me think he wasn't focussing on the battle field by letting his tanks behind and his mcv driving infront, ready to go to the bottom cliff in the middle. Stupid as I was I went after it, thinking he made a very stupid mistake. Guess not: the moment I commanded my tanks to kill it his tank force, nicely in formation, got up from behind my Rhinos. All his grizzlies were shooting at my tanks, while mine were shooting his MCV. Change of plans: kill the grizzlies. By now my tanks were too damaged to pose a decent threat. I did not even manage to kill his mcv, though the health bar was red. He finished off my tank force with 6 Grizzlies left.

Good trick, I won't fall for that again. Also, I'm making four miners prior to moving to the middle next time.

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