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» Battle Reports » aqmwin4u Korea Vs. zooiander France

Author:Paul (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
aqmwin4u +42 beat zooiander -42

Map:Depth Charge
Game Length:3 minutes

Well this was... different.

Some of you may recognize my opponent's nick - I certainly did. He used to play a lot back in the day and wasn't he in --BA-- or somesuch? Anyhow, I start TR and him BL. My first (and only) mistake on this map is to forget that a lot of reasonable Allied players will just go for a very quick rockie rush here.

I'd gone the usual ref > naval > ref (sell) and whilst building the second ref had obviously placed my dogs (4) and engis (4) into a transport. Send this to middle and I've got a pill queued. Head towards opponent's 3 derricks, as I sometimes do, and see 3/4 rockies flying towards my base. Quickly cancel the pill and queue a patriot but to no avail as he destroys my barracks quickly. This obviously means I can't build a WF for IFVs and he takes out my power meaning trying to get a patriot up is useless. I'm condemned to defeat here... until I realise I've still got my amphib at his lower 3 derricks. I quickly take one and place the power I'd been building at one of the derricks.

Loading the other 3 engis and 4 dogs back in I make a rush for his base and waltz straight in and take MCV, barracks and War Fac. It was sublimely done. I use my little remaining cash to build about 4 IFVs which his rockies rush back to handle (and he builds harriers). I lose most of them, but then realise I can sell the MCV to get 2 more (his rockies are dead by now and I have 2 IFVs from the sell). I use said 2 IFVs and the 3 GIs I got from his MCV sell to attack his Harriers on the ground and, to be frank, that's it.

From down and out to winner against one of the best (he was rank 32 before I beat him) in under 3 and a half minutes. I rofl'd so much I almost rolled right out of the window! Grin

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