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» Battle Reports » saber America Vs. Juliushou Iraq

Author:saber07 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
saber +35 beat Juliushou -35

Map:Montana DMZ
Game Length:85 minutes

Note: game time, lol. I was top right, he was bottom middle/left. I proceed to do the standard build order/scout routine and quickly grabbed the airport and plopped down a pillbox. Went ahead and garrisoned a few buildings on my side and on his. I went air force command after refinery because of the size of the map and annoyed him with 3 rockies. He thwarted off my paradrops consistently. I was able to get my economy up and running at a good pace, stretched to gems. He was outnumbering me in tanks but would not attack. I decide to tech up to mirages and was pumping them out. This is when the fun began.

I paradropped 2 sets of gis outside of his base and started walking them in. He noticed this and focused his attention on them. Meanwhile, I had an engy walking along the outskirts and , with some clever manuevering, was able to snag and sell his construction yard. This was followed by one of his many insults (this one happened to be by calling me a "n00b"). He still had a greater number of tanks than me, even though I had a good number of mirages/grizzlies. I went to the bottom bridge and bottle necked his tanks. He was sending his whole force through this neck, my mirages and grizzlies with a few gis took most of them out (about 5 or 6 left). He continued to push up to my base and ended up taking out my construction yard and a refinery. He then retreated and I started building some more mirages.

At this point, I was able to sneak another paradrop and take out a refinery and 2 power plants. We were at a little bit of a stand still and I had to get "creative". I decided to take out the middle and top bridge, creating one bottleneck. Somehow he sneaked in about 3 flack tracks full of shock troopers and takes out my battle lab. I had been building harriers to take out his barracks and other things. I send them off and the barracks are gone, all he has left is a war fac, refinery, and power plant. He sent over another small force which only got my air force command. I still had 2 power plants, refinery, war fac, and airport. Then, the brilliant (yet cheap) idea of mine hit me: take out the last bridge.

Right after I took the bridge out, the insults were flying left and right: n00b, fagot, "your a fucken idiot" (note the misuse of "your"). It did not help that I was correcting his grammar, but anyway. He could not do anything since he did not have a barracks. Impossible for him to get to my base. I however, could still build choppers and fill them with gis from my paradrop. I enlightened him to this fact and the insults only continued. About 45 minutes later, I had about 20 choppers filled with gis and his side of the map was littered with flak tracks. I tried to sneak some paras a couple times, but he caught them at the last second. I proceeded to minimize the game and watch some college basketball as 30 choppers were queued. I came about and after 85 minutes, he had quit. Cool.

In conclusion, I'm an asshole.

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