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» Battle Reports » rafcmkire Iraq Vs. dogyroo France

Author:erikmcfar (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
rafcmkire +41 beat dogyroo -41

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:10 minutes

If you get matched with this guy, I'd probably cancel, because I'm reasonably certain he uses a money cheat and is positive will disconnect (although it didn't help him in my case), to the story...

Start off good, build three dogs, scout his base entirely, he gets a partial scout of my base, before his dog is killed by my miner. Having played this guy a few matches ago with a loss (Im going to write one up on that as well and builds in my case that this guy is a cheat) I knew he would try to build tanks fast and rush, so I went drone>3 tanks>miner. Saw him build two ifv's and two engis, so I sent my drone to the ifvs after they took off from my base, I had dogs/sentry/concripts around my base so I wasnt too terribly worried about an engi getting through. At this point I have three tanks and he has none.

When my three rhinos arrived he has two tanks a third just rolling out, he loses 2 tanks and I lose 1 with another being very damaged, move tanks as he just put a pillbox up, another tank rolls out I kill both his tanks with my lone tank being damaged, another pill box pops up, move my tank again (very damaged) and start attacking his war fac, he immediately repairs. After a while another tank pops out killing my tank, there is never any slow down in his production or repairs, with only 1 miner and no signs of sold refineries (i.e. no g.i.s in random places, I will say that sometime around this timeframe he did build a refin(sell) and garrison that gi in the building nearest to him).

Anyways, he again starts pumping out tanks like no tomorrow, slightly out tanking me, at this point I have 4 miners going and still having problems keeping up, finally my second war fac comes online and tanks start rolling out and I move my force to the middle, he proceeds to pumpout (without hesistation) 6-8 dogs, i follow suit and combined with the dogs from my base I have upwards of 10 dogs, having him outtanked (or equal).

I move for his miners, which he has four of now, 1 from another refin he put up below his war fac, the other two I assume came from his war fac as there was a brief pause in his tank production, he vainly tries to intercept only getting the tail end of my my tanks and dogs, my tanks slaughter his miners. With no response from his army, which is now camped in his base. Move doggies up front and charge his tanks which melt away against the suprier strenght of my tanks, after I destroy his refin, play halts and sure enough seconds later we go to the "connection screen" the time goes down to zero and his base goes up in flames. I win and I still get the points.

Any comments? I don't like to accuse people of being cheaters unless I'm almost absolutely positive, but in this case, there was just no way he should have been able to produce what he did on such little economic I being dumb or does it sound like this guy is cheating?

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