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» Battle Reports » ferva924 Iraq Vs. N0xQs Russia

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
N0xQs +39 beat ferva924 -39

Map:Paris Revisited
Game Length:6 minutes

I started out top right, him middle left. Game started well: took my derrick and wasn't anti-scouted, enabling me to see large portions of the map. I built off my derrick, directed my miner to the nearest gems and built a War Fac, refinery and another war miner after. Bad move, so it seemed as this guy was preparing a rush. At a point he had 5 tanks while I had 1. When he got 6 he prepared for attack. I quickly made some dogs and conscripts as fodder and had a sentry ready. The moment he arrived at my base I had 3 tanks. I took my 4 War miners out of the ore fields and joined them with my group of tanks. I managed to kill all his 6 tanks, while losing only 2 dogs, 1 rhino tank and 1 miner. I now had 4 Rhino tanks to his 3 newly produced.

I moved my miners back to the fields again and let them start digging valuable gems near the Eiffel Tower. My economy was getting ahead of his and it was starting to show in number of tanks. He placed a second War Factory for a momentarily increase in rhino build speed and prepared for another attack. This time the amount of tanks were even, but he also had fodder. Again, I fended off his 8 tanks and fodder, with 2 of mine left. His failures must have made him resort to the noobish thing that happened short after: he engy-walked and took my construction yard. He placed a sentry, sold the mcv and killed the power plant next to it with the given conscripts and the gun, leaving me with low power and slow production. It did not take too long for him to outtank me now. At the point he had 12 tanks to my 8 I gave up. I had $4000 cash. What a waste of what could have been a good game. Bah.

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