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» Battle Reports » ferva924 Iraq Vs. asn0wman Iraq

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
ferva924 +36 beat asn0wman -36

Map:The Alamo
Game Length:6 minutes

As usual it seemed in November, I started out at the top, him at the bottom. After placing a power plant and barracks I sent a conscript straight to the Alamo, capturing it. I also sent out dogs to the derrick in the bottom right corner, to his base and to the airport. This guy didn't put the favourable position at the bottom to good use, as he did not stretch to the gems at all. I took advantage of it, as I built off my now captured bottom right derrick and stretched War Facs and refineries to the middle.

While doing so he attempted to kill my War Fac near the derrick. Pretty dumb move, as I quickly sold a Refinery and garrisoned the building with the given conscript. I hid my tanks in formation behind the building, waiting for him to come. He did, and got fired upon by my 2 garrisoned buildings. He ignored them and went for my War Factory. I drove my tanks to my War Factory and fended off his small tank force. He killed 2 of mine, I killed 3 of his. Me using 4 tanks, him 5. He retaliated after this, realizing my War Fac was constantly pumping new tanks.

Obviously he didn't like that. For these kind of players it's a habit: accuse your opponent of cheating when he beats you. I got accused of maphacking, and was advised to 'turn it off'.

After that failed attempt he started turtling, garrisoning buildings around his base and pop up sentries. Simple to end, I thought. As I had the Tech Airport, I waited for my paratroopers to drop right infront of my tank force and take the entire group to take his base. My economy was well ahead at the time, because I had eaten all the gems and was mining at two ore fields enabling steady production from 4 War Facs. My 20 to 10 tankforce, accompanied with a dozen conscripts made short work of his base. As soon as his defenses breached he gave up. Ofcourse accusing me of cheating once more 'til the score screen popped up. Meh.

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