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» Battle Reports » Majestic America Vs. superflux America

Author:Ben (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
superflux +39 beat Majestic -39

Map:Snow Valley
Game Length:15 minutes

America v America - IMO not fun, i dislike rockie fights and this game was no exception.

After starting BR (with him TL) After collecting the gems near my base i built directly down to my ore patch below the cliff. While doing this i was chatting with my opponent who was claiming he loved me and that he was very sexy. I begged to differ about his last remark but i let the misguided fool believe what he wanted. By the way did i mention that this misguided fool turned out to be our very own jack3334?

Anyway, back to the game. After collecting ore from within my alloted area i expanded down the cliffs to gain access to more resources meanwhile jacko was frequently moving his MCV deploying Ore Refineries everywhere. Having erected my AFC before him my paradrop was now ready, i dropped it at the back of his war factory hoping to catch him off guard but his recently built rockies made short work of them. The game continuted with both of us spamming tanks and rockies. Just as i was about to move my mcv into the middle hill jacko dropped a para there and advanced all his units up there, i was quite annoyed to say the least. He sat at the top of the hill while my tanks and units awaited at the bottom. Our rockies engaged in a fight, wait, i mean his rockies engaged in a fight while mine sat there without firing and fell to the ground at this point i was bashing my keyboard and yelling at him i quickly built ifvs and a patriot to fend off the intruding rockies but while i was doing that his tanks had advanced down the hill and taken my army by surprise after a few pills and some poor tank control by me i was defeated.

The game went on for another 5 mins as we played hide the unit - i'd hide my remaining units all over the map and he hunted them down. Ugly game.

GG jacko, 1-1 this month although you claim it was your "dad" - yeah sure. hahaha.

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