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» Battle Reports » erikmcfar America Vs. axetouch5 Iraq

Author:erikmcfar (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
erikmcfar +40 beat axetouch5 -40

Map:The Alamo
Game Length:47 minutes

Going to just start reporting interesting/well played matches.

Started out on top and against a soviet opponent, I knew that I'd have hardly any chance of getting the middle so I concentrated on taking the derrick and airport, which I did with two dogs a piece. From there I started cranking out tanks and had a decent tank lead at the beginning. Axetouch started destroying buildings around his base towards my derrick, I sent 6 tanks for "reinforcements" and he quickly retreated. I used both paradrops to garrison all strategic buildings around the map, securing both my bases and access to ore.

At this point we were about even on tanks, as he had started to take advantage of gems from the middle and caught up with me. I had teched up and started to churn out mirage tanks. He employed a couple of v3s to attempt to take out my garrisoned buildings, using a group of rockies I built as defense, which work to a degree, as he positioned flak tracks nearby and forced me to send in some of my mirages to take pot-shots at his anti-air. I made a little mistake and left a somewhat open path to my main base, which he exploited, sending his army in. I only had the odd g.i. and a small group of mirages that had just come out of my war facs in the way. HOWEVER, this was enough to distract him to allow my main army to return and combined with his questionable targeting inside my base I was able to wipe his tank force out, a group of 6 or 7 rhinos escaped however, in their rush they drove right past one of my fully garrisoned buildings and only one was left after that.

Now I had the advantage, but was slow to try to advance as he had several desolators around the middle w/ flack cannon support, so any rushed attack would be foolish and waited for the opportun moment to attack. However, due to some desolator attacks some of my army would get fried and he was again able to somewhat catch back up, however, I solved that problem by building a line of pill boxes that prevented him from waltzing up and frying my weaker armored units.

We were both content to wait and let the other make the first move, needing something to help negate his defensive desolator power, I built a weather control device and then he started desperately trying to break my lines. Using a well thought out attack with three flack tracks (the first two filled with conscripts, the second with desolators) he was able to break through and managed to fry about 60% of my army, he used this time to make an attack on my base, but thankfully I had enough g.i.s and mirages left to swope in and force him to retreat once more, more less successful attacks ensued, but all were in vain as the counter ticked down and as soon as it hit 0:00, he quit.

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