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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. attack America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
robofcncs +37 beat attack -37

Game Length:57 minutes

What a game. I looked to be dead and buried at one point (and I really do mean that). However, I managed to win. Some may call what I did bad sportsmanship - but while there's any sort of chance remaining, I tend to hang in there. Here's what happened.

Early doors, I got off to a flier. I started in the top right to his bottom left, securing the bottom right derrick immediately and intercepting his engineer en route to the top left derrick. He eventually managed to claim this.

I built two miners straight out, building quite a few refineries before I went for my second war (placed in the bottom right). I had refineries in the fields to the north and south of base, as well as off that aforementioned war factory. My opponent had perhaps one or two less miners, using the fields immediately to the north and south of his base.

The action point occured around the service depot in the top left. I managed to garrison this building, plopping loads of sentry guns around it during various tanks battles. I managed to hold him off, building a barracks there as well as a tesla reactor. He sent a split to my bottom right corner, which caught me off-guard. I fended it off with a few tanks, changing that war factory to my primary one.

I kept holding off his attacks by the service depot, before attacking his miners when he went for mine in the field just to the left of the river near the top right. At this point I realised I had 5 tanks in the bottom right corner - I had been wondering why the hell none were appearing. Schoolboy error. I sent them across the bottom to his base, promptly destroying his MCV, a war fac, ref, barracks and a power plant. I managed to take out his derrick and AFC (built adjacent, along with another ref, war and pp) with my other group of tanks by the depot. He took out my MCV while this was happening, as well as a refinery. It was no big deal.

Due to leaving my 5 tanks in the bottom right for a few minutes, I had made things awfully hard for myself. He had a slight advantage by the depot, backed up by a group of rocketeers and numerous pillboxes. I started to build desolators - using them to fend him off. Flaks managed to keep his rocketeers at bay - but not before he had destroyed my only remaining war factory. I had earlier thwarted two elite grizzlies from destroying it with some good drone micro, so was slightly disappointed to say the least.

So, the stage was set, surely he would now finish me off - I had but a barracks, radar and refinery (which was soon to be destroyed). He had his war factory, refinery and a power plant - as well as a group of around 10-15 tanks after the final tank battle.

I moved all of my units to the depot - I had around 7 desolators by now, so I simply deployed all of them. It would be a matter of time before he simply built an unstoppable tank force, so I knew I had to take action now. While he finished off my radar and refinery in the bottom right, I quickly undeployed my desolators and built two engineers, loading them into my elite flak (which had finished off all his rockies). I went around the edge of the top left corner, into the back of his base. I managed to take his war factory.

He had made a big mistake. It was now a group of 15 tanks versus 7 desolators, 2 sentry guns, 1 war miner and a service depot. I had one barracks and a reactor positioned by it. Obviously, I had hardly any money - and building any units would have been pointless because the radiation would have killed them instantly.

At this point, my opponent started asking me to quit. He "had won" apparently. I was being a "sore loser" apparently. I looked at his tank mass, which wasn't in the best of health - and decided, to hell with it, I'm not quitting because he's too scared to attack.

Eventually, he did try to attack. He managed to destroy one sentry gun, injuring his tanks even more in the process. After a few more insults, he decided to attack again. He managed to take half of my reactor, before losing 4 or 5 tanks - my war miner was picking off the ones with hardly any health.

After yet a few more attacks, all his tanks but one were gone. I gave chase to the sole survivor with my war miner - killing it with ease. At this point, I realised I had almost certainly won. He had a few GIs, several pillboxes and a bunch of useless chrono miners. My miner picked off the GIs, then started attacking the pillboxes with the help of a conscript.

I killed one pillbox, then went and used the depot to repair the miner. I then killed the three remaining ones, realising that the war miner has a long enough range to attack them without being damaged. I had won - from seemingly nowhere. What had been a ploy to hold off the game for a few more minutes had resulted in a victory from absolutely nowhere. The brink. The precipice. The edge. The verge.

What a moment. Although my opponent did still claim that "he won". The result begs to differ, my friend.

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