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» Battle Reports » jackocncs Iraq Vs. destructn Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
jackocncs +35 beat destructn -35

Map:Cold War
Game Length:10 minutes


Just before this game I had played this guy again on Isle of War and won, so he asked for a re which I politely gave.

I started in the top left corner of Cold War, which gave me access to the airport which would be very useful throughout the game. He drones my miner just at a time when it would be inconvenient to build a service depot, so I lose it, but it's not an especially critical loss on a map like this with abundant resources.

To get things going I quickly move my tanks up to his main base, supported by a paradrop of conscripts to act as fodder. However, my plans are foiled by his production of desolators, but not to be put off I instead run my tanks down to his group of derricks and miners in the lower right corner, killing his ref there. While this is going on, my paradrop, which I had left behind, started shooting at his war factory, forcing him to act quickly to save it.

By this stage, after I had regrouped my tank and dog force outside his base, I was up 22 tanks to 18, which I of course didn't know, not being in the habit of counting during the game, but engaged his tanks anyway. I catch him in a somewhat bad position, and take advantage of this to run through into his base to destroy the Iron Curtain he had just constructed, and several of his miners along with it. I take quite heavy losses doing this, but with my three war factories I can replace them quickly enough to ensure I'm in no great danger.

To follow up this advantage, I make a dreadnought from a naval yard off the lower derrick, and a squid to destroy his. I quickly use my dread to take out his lower three derricks, effectively leaving him broke while my factories are steadily producing. Realising this, he takes all his tanks to my base with the obvious intention of killing me off before my better economy makes itself felt.

He feigns an attack to my lower derrick, but merely breaks the bridge and returns to my main base. My tanks return quickly enough to react to the threat, and oppose his tank force which is by this stage about 30 strong. I already have a few more tanks, but hold off a bit to increase my numerical superiority, with this done, I send my tanks right at his, trusting in the fodder my dogs provide and the fact that his desolators won't have a large impact as he won't be able to deploy them until his own tanks are in retreat. He does retreat, hoping to desolate my tanks, but I pursue his fleeing tank force and inflict serious casualties. Realising he now has nothing to stand against my tanks, he resigns with a few incomprehensible words of wisdom.

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