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» Battle Reports » jackocncs Iraq Vs. destructn Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
destructn +25 beat jackocncs -25

Map:Alaskan Oil Spill
Game Length:14 minutes


I seriously sigh whenever this map comes up, but anyway.

After establishing that I was at the top of the map, I quickly filled up an amphibious transport with a few dogs and engineers and set out to capture as many of the lying around derricks that I could. There were a couple of reasons for this. One, obviously so that I'd gain an economic advantage which would expedite my tech to dreads and kirovs, and secondly, to give me the ability to create a naval yard right next to his base from which I could make a dreadnought.

This goes quite well, with each of us capturing our fair share of derricks. Once this is done, we both try to scout the other's base with our transports to give our dreadnoughts some targets to shoot at. Sadly, my transport runs right into a squid and can't scout anything, at the same time, his transport, which I'd assumed to be empty, had an engi left in it which captured my CY. Losing your CY on this map is a huge blow, as you can't replace your lab if he kills it, and a lab is utterly crucial for dreds, kirovs and squids, pretty much the only useful units on this map.

By this stage he had made an IC, which I try to kill with my dreadnought, but only half damage before his squid locates my boat and sinks it. By this stage I'm totally and utterly wrecked. Howvever I dragged it out just long enough to see my massed flak troopers turned into green jellies by his nuke, fun.

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