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» Battle Reports » jackocncs Iraq Vs. sammo Great Britain

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
jackocncs +36 beat sammo -36

Map:Golden State Freeway
Game Length:13 minutes

Going into this game I had a not so impressive record of 4-6 for the night, so I wasn't exactly full of confidence. Golden State Freeway is one of my best maps though, so I thought i'd do alright atleast.

I start in the bottom right, whereas he commences in the top left starting position. I'm happy about this, because starting here means I don't have to wait for my engi to enter derrick before I can put my ore ref in a decent position, and I'll be able to put lots of pressure on his ore miners. Sammo quickly shows that he's no push over, quickly amassing a huge number of allied tanks and ensuring that my hit and runs were met with tough resistance.

Every time I move forward, sammo creates a pillbox to act as extra fodder, effectively preventing me from trying to fight his tanks out in the open. By this stage he's created a sniper-ifv, which he used to its full potential as he took out deso after deso and all my fodder from afar. I realised I needed to do something desperately, so tried a dash with my tanks over to the top of the map where he had moved some of his miners to access more ore. I half expected him to make it a base trade, which I probably would have won with the aid of desos. However he followed my tanks, and killed quite a few of them as I somehow ran right into his tanks+pills. He decided to chase my tanks even further, and thus give me the open tank battle I'd wanted. He seemed to get a bit over confident, as he didn't realise I still had many tanks remaining, which easily overcame his paper tanks.

From there he hung on bravely, but just couldn't come back after I'd killed his CY and war factories.

I went on to play this guy another 3 times tonight, and lost hopelessly in every single one. I'm not going to report on them, because I was just pathetic in each and every one of them and it wouldn't make for interesting reading. Full credit to sammo though.

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